WATCH: FBI Arrests Officials In THIS City When Black Sludge Pours Out Of Texas Faucets (VIDEO)


Okay, who did it? Turn on the water taps and a nasty black sludge pours out in spinach capitol Crystal City, Texas, which is southwest of San Antonio and approaching the Mexico border. First, Flint, Michigan received poisoned water, and now this. What makes this crime suspicious, and as far as I am concerned, corrupting a water supply is a crime, is that the FBI arrested all but one of the city’s officials just days before.

Crystal City’s council members are under federal indictment. The FBI arrested five top officials under a federal indictment and charged them with taking bribes in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars and helping operate an illegal gambling operation.

Three of the council members have been recalled, and the FBI’s spectacular arrest came at the end of Tuesday’s council meeting, when members of the FBI took mayor Ricardo Lopez into custody. After officials released him from jail on Thursday, the mayor said he had no plans regarding the City Council.

Wednesday night, residents of Crystal City took their dilemma to social media, sharing photos of the oily substance pouring out of their taps. According to remaining city officials, the water problem was just the result of flushing sediment out of the city’s water tower when they drained it for repairs.

Thursday morning, the city finally posted an explanation on its Facebook page, suggesting people boil the water before drinking it, but even so, they would be stuck with a foul cocktail. Water/Wastewater Superintendent Carlos Ramirez indicated that it had been 20 or 30 years, since the tower had been cleaned.

Resident Nora Flores-Guerrero said that her water smelled, but it did not look like sludge:

‘We didn’t get a proper warning They didn’t post anything or send out any type of message to warn the residents. It was pretty scary.’

‘It looked like black sludge. They were comparing it to oil — that dark.’

Reporters questioned Ramirez about why the city didn’t notify residents prior to the tower cleaning. He said none of them realized that the sediment would get into the lines distributing the water. Ramirez said the water should be back to normal soon.

WARNING LANGUAGE: Listen to a Crystal City resident’s report on the town’s water problem:

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