Glenn Beck Forces Family To Go Hungry For Ted Cruz, Wants You To Join Him

Ted Cruz had a bad night. The South Carolina Republican primaries ended with a first place finish for Donald Trump, a second place finish for Marco Rubio, and a disappointing third for Cruz. The Texas Senator is beginning to slip in the polls, and Republican pundit and radio personality Glenn Beck is not happy.
Beck took to his Facebook page last night after the results were revealed and invited his band of followers to starve themselves in order to send good vibes Ted Cruz’s way. Specifically, he wrote:
‘I would like to ask you to join me and my family Monday in a fast for Ted Cruz, our country and the Nevada caucus.’
Beck’s invitation to fast for Cruz has been met with mixed results. Naturally, there are those, the intense, Bible-thumping Christians of the country, who are completely behind the idea that going hungry for a good cause will make what they want to happen, happen. There are also those who find humor in Beck’s intense desire to will Cruz into office.
If there’s one thing we know about Glenn Beck, it’s that he will not keep quiet when he feels his values are being mocked or attacked. He was put off by people’s mocking of his fast, so he, naturally, responded to it on Facebook.  His post this time said:

‘And the mocking continues.
It is sad that this is news to the Trump hit media. But: Romans 8:28.

I am not running from this. I own my comments and actions and encourage others to do the same.

Prayer, fasting and asking for a humbling of ourselves and nation.

I pray and fast not for Ted Cruz to win, but for His will to be done and that our will and wants will align with His.’

Join me tomorrow.’

The scripture Beck quoted, according to the New International Version of the Bible, reads, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

While he might claim to put God’s will first, we can almost guarantee things won’t be pretty if God’s will does not align with his, especially since he has apparently been called to serve his purpose. He might even have a breakdown like the one he had when he found out Obamacare was working.

Watch it below, courtesy of the David Pakman Show via YouTube.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.