Naturally, A Dude Showed Up At The Trump Rally Dressed As Sailor Moon (VIDEO)


The Donald Trump rally in Atlanta today was weird, well because it was a Donald Trump rally and all of the rules are just tossed out the window all willy nilly.

First, Katy Tur of NBC reported on Twitter that, “Trump trashes press. Crowd jeers. Guy by press ‘pen’ looks at us & screams “you’re a bitch!” Other gentleman gives cameras the double bird.”

Freedom of Press, Shreedom of Press, amirite?

Then a protester cut off the spotlights.

Lighting director Bob Hunter told The Associated Press that he stepped away from his booth near the front of the stage for a quick bathroom break, but when he returned a chaotic scene was taking place.

He heard shouts in his headset telling him the lights were off. Apparently, people who were in the area told him a protester had reached over and pulled a wire.

Hunter quickly turned them back on but by then, Trump was saying, “They’re too bright, turn them off,” then supporters began chanting “Turn off the lights!”

Hunter complied.

So naturally, Awful Records’ Bootymath showed up, stripped off his jeans, only to reveal a Sailor Moon costume, and of course, all of this took place while he chanted,”USA! USA! USA!”

When @Bootymath first showed up, you can hear Trump talking about how great he is, how bad Apple is, how evil immigrants are, how bad China is, liberals are the worst and he’s the greatest, blah blah blah — you know the drill.

Then this happened:

Complex reports:

Seconds later, Bootymath gets escorted out of the building by Atlanta police. It’s odd that he gets ejected so quickly for expressing himself. Him and his crew tell authorities they weren’t protesting. 

We have a question for Mr. Trump. Why do you hate Sailor Moon?

At any rate, there’s nothing really to see here. It’s just another Trump rally. In the South – with Sailor Moon trolling the GOP front-runner.

Image: Screengrab.