UPDATE: The Kalamazoo Shooter Has Been Identified, And You’ll Never Believe His Motive (VIDEO)

HT_Kalamazoo_shootings_Jason_Dalton_160216_DC_31x13_992 UPDATE: The Kalamazoo Shooter Has Been Identified, And You'll Never Believe His Motive (VIDEO) Gun Control
Pictured Above: Shooting suspect Jason Dalton, 45 (Photo Via NBC)

Last night in Kalamazoo, Michigan, an utter piece of sh*t brutally murdered six people and injured two more. The man responsible for this tragedy is 45-year old Kalamazoo resident, Jason Brian Dalton. Dalton is currently being held in Kalamazoo County while investigators are trying to figure out what made the man go on a homicidal rampage. So far, it turns out that Dalton went on this killing spree just for the hell of it.

The nightmare started around 6pm last night when a woman was reportedly shot multiple times in the parking lot of her apartment complex. The woman is listed is critical but stable condition and is expected to live. Almost four hours later, a father and son were shot and killed while car shopping at the local Ford dealership. The shooter left a female who was sitting in their car unharmed.

Just ten minutes after the tragedy at the dealership, shots rang out at the Cracker Barrel restaurant where a total of 4 women were shot and killed, and one 14-year old girl was left fighting for her life. Sheriff Matyas says that, in this instance, the shooter left his vehicle and approached two cars. After a short conversation, the shooter “unloaded his weapon into both cars.”

WireAP_a63ae25489404089b9633dfb71761962_4x3_992 UPDATE: The Kalamazoo Shooter Has Been Identified, And You'll Never Believe His Motive (VIDEO) Gun Control
Scene at the Cracker Barrel restaurant. (Photo via ABC)

Dalton was taken into custody around 1am after police did a felony stop on his very conspicuous vehicle. The murders reportedly took place at random, with the motive being a totally random shooting America style. Matyas said that:

‘There is no connection between any of them, this all appears to be random. This is the worst-case scenario that any community can have. We have 9, 10, 11 shell casings at each of these scenes. These weren’t a sudden explosion… this was done intentionally.’

‘There is this sense of loss, anger, (and) fear. On top of that, how do you tell the families of these victims that they were not targeted for any other reason than they were a target?’

At the time, it was believed the 14 year-old Cracker Barrel victim was dead on arrival, but miraculously, she has survived. Matyas continued:

‘I don’t know how to talk about it in medical terms — they thought she was deceased, [but] she wasn’t. Call it a miracle, call it what you want, but she is alive now.’

Video courtesy of Wood TV:

Featured image via ABC