WTF: 75 Percent Of South Carolina Republicans Say Ban All Muslims!


Uh oh. If you go hang around outside of the GOP South Carolina primary voting sites, you’re not going to find a pretty sight. Three out of four Republicans who voted Saturday may not have voted for Donald Trump, but they certainly agree with his grandiose idea of banning all Muslims from coming into the U.S., according to a CBS exit poll. You won’t believe what else.

South Carolina, apparently, cannot have both Republicans and Democrats in the same state at the same time. The GOP voted there Saturday, then one week later, the Democrats will descend for their vote.

When CBS conducted the Republican primary exit poll, the nation was surprised to find that 75 percent agree with Trump’s ban on Muslims, while only 23 percent were against it. This is a sad situation, because unbiased military experts say that the vetting process takes so long and is so intense, that only Muslim’s coming through asking for refuge from horror stories in the Mideast would wait them out.

On the contrary, would-be terrorists are far more likely to come through on our passport-exchange program, where certain European countries get a pass-through. In other words, there is little to no scrutiny of any Muslims who come from those countries.

Trump is not one to delve into the small print, let along the big print, so he has missed the whole problem. However, that never stopped him. No, the man who fights with the Pope isn’t going to be going to be moved to be logical. After all, who needs the conservative Catholic vote, right?

Trump seems to be the black-ice man, everything slides right off of him, and his genius lies in worrying the most vulnerable thread out of the fabric of his opponents and of the nation. He called Jeb Bush “low-energy,” and it stuck.

Just days after a Muslim husband-and-wife team attacked his office mates during their Christmas party, the worst attack since 911, Trump called for temporary ban on all Muslims seeking refuge. Did he care about visiting Muslims? Not so much.

The media went nuts with the story: Trump can’t say that! But he can, and he did. Not only that, his outrageous comment triggered all sorts of free media attention, and we know how he loves the word “free” and the word “attention.”

People ate it up, because terrorist attacks at home scare them, and they want someone to do something, anything. Clearly, the legislature is so tied up in its commitment to thwart President Obama, they aren’t going to act. In comes Trump, in his John Wayne macho boots, and he is going to take care of the country.

The GOP voters’ top concern was terrorism in the CBS survey. Jobs, the economy, and government spending followed in close order.

Trump won the South Carolina primary by double digits over Marco Rubio, Fla. and Ted Cruz, Texas, who were closely tied for second place throughout the count.

The CBS poll found that nearly half of the people who voted Republican in the primary, 48 percent, wanted an outsider presidential candidate, and the other 46 percent preferred an insider. That leaves an intriguing situation.

One-on-one, either Cruz or Rubio would win against Trump. However, if they both choose to stay in the race, and both will be heavily financed to do just that, Trump will be the Republican winner.

Time will tell.

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey via Flickr, Creative Commons

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