BANNED! CNN Will No Longer Allow Trump Advisor On Air Due To Racist Comments, Tweets


Longtime friend, advisor, and cheerleader for Donald Trump, Roger Stone, will no longer be seen on CNN’s airwaves, and he has no one to blame for that development but himself.

Stone, a frequent face on cable news whenever someone is needed to defend the perpetually indefensible Trump, has repeatedly said incredibly nasty and racist things about CNN commentator Ana Navarro and former CNN contributor Roland Martin. Here’s a sampling of tweets that came to light earlier this week:

When it came to Martin, Stone decided to go straight for the fact that Martin is an African-American:

Considering that Stone was once a staffer for Richard Nixon and now kisses Trump’s posterior on a regular basis, it’s not exactly surprising that he’s also a racist, xenophobic sack of human excrement, much like Trump and the vast majority of those who support the Donald.

Stone also went after both Martin and Navarro, insinuating they were only on CNN due to their ethnic origin:

CNN, announcing the ban on Stone for the indefinite future, merely stated:

‘He will no longer appear on CNN.’

Shortly after being told he was no longer welcome at CNN, Stone, rather than apologize, attempted to blame others. Namely, he tried to blame Bill and Hillary Clinton:

So now it’s the fault of the Clintons, is it? Seems Mr. Stone forgot to include Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in that pathetic excuse of his. Also, it must have also had something to do with Jeb Bush, who finally got tired of Trump’s comments about him being “low energy.”

In the recent past, Stone has also appeared on Alex Jones’s TV show and burnished his tinfoil hat credentials by blaming every problem in the world on the Bush and Clinton families. Here he is in 2015 spewing forth with his verbal droppings, which Jones could not seem to get enough of:

Yes, it’s all a big conspiracy, just as Trump will no doubt say when he doesn’t win in November, (or sooner).

What hacks me off the most about jackasses like Roger Stone is that they know how to shoot off their mouths with great alacrity, but then when someone calls them out for being a douchebag, they get upset and want to blame others for trying to silence them.

Hey, Roger, there’s always Alex Jones if you need a place to spread your hate.

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