JUST IN: Ted Cruz Faces Lawsuit In New York Over Citizenship Eligibility


OMG, it’s really happening. I thought that presidential candidate Donald Trump might bring a lawsuit against his opponent Ted Cruz, but I was wrong. The real estate mogul had threatened to sue the Texas senator born in Canada to determine whether or not he is legally able to run.

But leave it to crafty Trump to save his time and money by putting out the bait and letting someone else pick it up and run with it. Plus that way, Cruz can’t question Trump under oath.

Two New Yorkers, who say they have nothing to do with the billionaire, have decided to bring their lawsuit to their state Board of Elections to have Cruz removed from the voting ballot, given the not-settled legal debate over his citizenship.

One of the suing duo is Republican William Gallo of Manhasset, Long Island. He filed the lawsuit with Barry Korman of Manhattan. Gallo said:

‘Notwithstanding the bluster of Mr. Trump … my issue is there is a constitutional problem that has arisen, and it has to be addressed.’

Carl Paladino of Buffalo, New York, ran in the 2010 GOP race for governor and is Trump’s primary state organizer He is pleased that the suit challenging Cruz’s citizenship is going forward:

‘The law is clear. If you’re born in Canada, you’re not a natural born citizen.’

Like others, especially Ted Cruz’s constitutional law professor, these two men cite an article of the US Constitution, which explains:

‘No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president.’

Cruz insists that he is a natural born citizen, because his mother was born in Delaware. She married a native Cuban, and later the two moved to Canada.

Cruz’s father became a Canadian citizen. There is some question whether or not his mother became a Canadian, too, since records of her voting in their national election are murky.

Until months before his campaign, Cruz held a Canadian passport and had dual US and Canadian citizenship. He relinquished his Canadian citizenship before running for president of the US.

Gallo has not backed a candidate as of yet:

‘It’s got nothing to do with Mr. Cruz as far as whether he’s a good conservative or not a good conservative…people can go to the polls feeling they have an answer.’

Korman is an independent, and he declined to comment, but his attorney, Roger Bernstein, reported that Korman is interested in resolving the lawsuit before New York state’s April primary.

The New York state Board of Elections plans to address the issue at their February 23rd meeting. Rep. John Conklin said the Board of Elections:

‘…is not the proper venue [for the issue] because the presidential primary doesn’t elect candidates for the presidency, it elects delegates for the national convention.’

If this race doesn’t work out, maybe Cruz will run for Canadian prime minister next.

Featured Image: Matt Johnson via Flickr, Creative Commons with modification.

H/T: New York Post