You Will Be Blown Away By What Beyonce Just Did For The People Of Flint, Michigan


Beyonce has noticed, but in case you haven’t seen, heard, or read any news at all the past month, Flint, Michigan, has been in the midst of a water crisis. Many residents in Flint have contracted lead poisoning from drinking contaminated water, and some are still without any source of clean water. You can catch up with the video from below:

So as you can imagine, the city’s residents are in need of a little help at the moment. It’s been widely reported that many celebrities, large companies and others in the media have come forward to help those in need, including Hillary Clinton¬†who advised her supporters to donate money to help the residents of Flint, and Bernie Sanders who is calling for the resignation of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, the Republican official who failed to provide the residents of Flint with the most basic of things, clean water. But now we can add some real firepower to the cause.

Beyonce is stepping into the ring to fight for Flint. I won’t go into too much detail about who Beyonce is or why she has the potential to really make a difference to the lives of those unfortunate people because frankly, if you don’t know who Beyonce is by now, you probably have no interest in finding out. Well Beyonce is a pretty charitable lady. She has a charitable organisation called ‘Bey Good‘ that does a lot of work for those in need all around the world, including donating $7million to a housing complex in Houston, posting bail for protestors against police brutality and, along with her equally talented and charitable husband, Jay-Z, donating $1.5million to Black Lives Matter.

So Beyonce helping out with Flint isn’t a surprise, but it is worthy of our attention. Through her charity, Beyonce is partnering with ‘United Way of Genesee County’ and ‘Community Foundation of Greater Flint’ to enable fans attending her world tour to donate money to help with medical and education costs for the children of Flint. The tour is sure to be a resounding success, despite the Police Unions planned boycott, and Beyonce has a real opportunity to raise a huge sum of money and improve conditions for those Americans in need. It’s just a shame that we have to rely on pop stars and other celebrities to help Americans because the Republican officials representing Michigan¬†don’t seem to be able to.