AMAZING: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Brilliantly Shames And Stalks Ted Cruz (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz is so easy to mock, even a dog can do it! Triumph, in his election special on Hulu, followed Ted Cruz around asking him questions he refused to answer, mocking him, and making a show out of every speech and appearance Cruz granted. Triumph even took it as far as to dress like Kim Davis to get into one of Cruz’s campaign events after Cruz’s security finally had enough.

According to Raw Story, during Triumph’s segment when he “first arrived at a Cruz rally to attempt to ask the Texas senator some questions, he mistakenly thought he was watching Cruz’s fellow Hispanic rival, Marco Rubio.”  Based on intelligence level, ethics, and morals, Triumph’s comparison is spot on. Both are power hungry Republicans that care nothing about the people and only want to be president for their own selfish gain and fifteen minutes of fame. These candidates fail to realize getting attention for being an idiot is short-lived, and the crowd isn’t cheering them on but believe they are at a comedy show since no one could really be that stupid.

Triumph takes a jab at the typical Republican and says in regards to his confusion between the two candidates,

“See I knew I was racist enough to be a Republican.”

However, Triumph doesn’t stop there, he continues with his complete genius and goes on to say:

“I love your smooth skin, when did Gepetto make you a real boy?”

Triumph, realizing Ted Cruz was completely ignoring him and that Cruz’s staff members were getting angry, put on a wig and talked in a higher pitch pretending to be Kim Davis. Triumph’s spot-on impression was golden. Cruz’s staff, however, did not buy it and ignored Triumph’s attempts at reaching Cruz.

Triumph brilliantly notes,

‘Obviously the Kim Davis disguise did not fool them, Or like everyone else they just hate Kim Davis.’

Upon attending other campaign events, Triumph realized a similarity in all of his speeches, he shouts:

‘You’re repeating the same lines in every speech, don’t you feel like mixing it up and saying something intelligent?’

Republican candidates always seem to claim to be this wonderful, intelligent being, but always fall short. Ted Cruz is nothing more than a babbling box of rocks. Cruz continues to completely ignore Triumph’s complete genius throughout the rest of his campaigning events and Triumph takes note to it.

He follows Cruz’s tour bus yelling:

‘I’m like the last drops on your pink thing after you pee, try all you want but you won’t shake me off completely.’

Triumph’s hilarious take on Cruz’s campaign events hit Hulu hard and gives viewers everywhere a chance to laugh at Cruz’s complete lack of knowledge, repetitious speeches, and inability to see how much America hates him. Watch the brilliance below.

Video courtesy of YouTube:

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