BREAKING: New Poll Says THIS Democratic Candidate Will Win Election By 7% (IMAGE)


Some great news for the Bernie Sanders campaign came in recently, when a Reuters poll put him 6 points ahead of Hillary Clinton as the preferred candidate for President of the United States of America.

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Image: Reuters

The poll targeted 998 voters who identify as Democrat or Democrat leaning Independents over a 5 day period. Sanders also performed well in a previous Reuters poll of Democratic voters, with 45% to Clinton’s 48% in a poll with a 5% margin of error, putting them essentially neck and neck. So, even after Sander’s less than excellent performance in the recent Nevada caucus, the message is loud and clear, the American public are still firmly with him. This is even more apparent when you look at the analysis of all of the polling data pitting all of the Presidential candidates against each other.

Here’s how Hillary Clinton stacks up against the GOP:

Wins by 2.8% over Donald Trump

Loss by 7.4% to John Kasich

Loss by 4.7% to Marco Rubio

Loss by 0.8% to Ted Cruz

Now have a look at Bernie’s battles:

Wins by 6.0% over Trump

Wins by 4.7% over Cruz

Wins by 0.5% over Kasich

Ties with Rubio

So in the battle of Democrat vs Republican, Sanders is the stronger candidate. The poll shows him beating or drawing with all of the Republicans, with Hillary set to beat just Trump and lose to all of the other GOP candidates. But we have to keep in mind that the polls don’t paint the whole picture. This poll tells us who the strongest candidates are against the opposing party candidates, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the candidate that their respective parties will nominate. It’s completely possible that the strongest member of the party may not actually get the nomination, and each party will actually pick a weaker candidate. So it’s important that Sanders is able to win over the Democrats currently sitting on the fence or even pull some supporters away from Clinton.

So if Clinton picks up the nomination, according to these poll results, the Democrats will be leaving their strongest candidate behind and potentially setting themselves up to fail against the Republicans. Unless the Republicans choose Trump, in which case Clinton will probably win. The polls can be pretty confusing, but if you go by the results then any which way it plays out, Trump loses. Which is good. And Sanders wins, which is even better. So come on Democrats, do yourselves a favour and get behind the only candidate capable of ensuring the GOP remain in the background and America can actually take a few steps forwards. Bernie, destroyer of Republicans everywhere.