LINK? Klan Supports Trump At Nev. Caucus, Trump States He ‘Loves The Poorly Educated’ (VIDEO)


In what many knew to be only a matter of time, two people have finally shown up to a Donald Trump rally in KKK regalia—white robe, pointy hat: the whole bit—carrying signs one of which reads:


The other states:

‘TRUMP 2016



Two additional scribbles can barely be made in the margins of that Klan member’s “support sign,” as well:

Now, conspiracy theorists can argue all day long whether or not the two people depicted at the recent Nevada caucus are, in fact, KKK members and not instead a couple liberal trolls pointing out the obvious at a Trump rally, but either way there is a distinct reason a couple people dressed in Klan robes have shown up at a Trump rally as opposed to any other candidate out there, nor should it surprise anyone if it happens again.

Perhaps it has something to do with Trump’s views regarding anyone with a hint of melanin in their system. It was after such comments, after all, that Trump started garnering support from white supremacy organizations, wasn’t it? Two people dressed as Klan members showing support for Trump should certainly not be out of the realm of expectation for one of his presidential rallies at this point, whether they are genuine members of the Ku Klux Klan showing support for their candidate of choice, or a couple protesters playing troll. Either way, people are showing up at Trump rallies in Klan robes because of his hate speech, as well as the hate speech he tolerates from others. His flares of violence only strengthen that unity.

Lending additional suspicion, however, that the two Klan members could very much be real is the woman in this tweet, claimed to have stated “Heil Trump!” as she raised her left arm in a pseudo-Nazi salute for no reason whatsoever before ranting about what “liars” Cubans are—eek!

How many voters have you seen do that at any other presidential candidate’s rally in the 2016 election so far?

You could multiply that by zero and come up with the same answer.

Add it up, America. It isn’t calculus. After all, it was months ago that the Young Turks gave us the segment titled, “Trump: Everyone Likes Me, Even The Klan!” and how long have those articles about Trump’s father being a bordello-running, Klan-pledging bootlegger been making the rounds?

It isn’t even algebra, folks.

This must be why Trump says he “loves the poorly educated.”

Featured image by Krystal Heath via Twitter screen capture.