Rafael Cruz Warns America: ‘A Lot Of Our Freedoms Would Disappear’ If Ted Cruz Loses Election


Like father, like son. Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, has proven, once again, that he is just as delusional as his son. In an interview with WorldNetDaily, the elder Cruz discussed his belief that the younger Cruz is the best person to choose conservative justices for the Supreme Court. Without his son in power, a liberal justice is likely to appear on the court, a mistake that will take “30 years to correct.” And apparently, with five liberals on the Supreme Court, “A lot of our freedoms will disappear.”

Rafael Cruz is outspoken, to say the least, especially when it comes to his arguments for why his son is the best man for the job of President of the United States. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a father supporting his son, but there’s a line between believing your son will do a good job at being President and believing your son was chosen by God to be President.

In the interview, Rafael also gave the world some new information about Ted’s upbringing. We now know how he became the conservative nut job we’re afraid will become President.

‘When Ted was nine years old, every day for a year, we talked around the dinner table as to why we had to get rid of this socialist progressive, Jimmy Carter, and replace him with a constitutional conservative like Ronald Reagan. So he got a dose of conservative politics from a Christian worldview every day for a year when he was nine years old.’

That daily dose of conservative politics certainly seems to have stuck with Ted.

Rafael ended his discussion with WorldNetDaily by imploring listeners to vote for his son.

‘The body of Christ is going to rise up. Believers are coalescing around Ted Cruz. I think the people of God realize that we need a man of faith, a man of integrity and that you can trust his word.

So I encourage each and every one of your listeners to stand behind Ted Cruz, and let’s together again make America that shining city on a hill to the glory of God.’

Making America a “shining city on a hill” sounds great, and losing all our freedoms sounds scary, but, even though he memorized the Constitution at age 13, we still think we’ll take our chances and pass on Ted.

Listen to Rafael Cruz’s full interview here, and watch one of his rants about the end of America below, from Right Wing Watch via YouTube.