ABSURD: Michele Bachmann Just Said That POOR PEOPLE Should NOT Be Allowed To Vote (TWEET)


This twat has really gone too far this time. What on earth was Michele Bachmann thinking last night when she tweeted that 45% of American citizens should be banned from taking part in the electoral process because they were too poor to pay federal income taxes.

For those who live in the real world, unknown to Bachmann, this way of thinking is not only sad and ignorant, but dangerous as hell. What happens when the rest of the blowhards in her party jump on this segregation bandwagon as a feeble attempt at gaining control of elections? Bachmann posted this to Twitter just 17 hours ago:

Via Twitter

To confirm the notion that Bachmann is suffering from mental illness and slight retardation, people on Twitter immediately let her know that her kind of rhetoric was, in no way, okay. Below are just a few of the comments Bachmann received to the post above:

Via Twitter

So good luck to that whole being a moron on the internet thing, Michele, but outside of your land of make-believe, there is a whole country of people who work their fingers to the bone just to barely scrape by. Should those people not take advantage of the tax breaks that are offered by the government to people who would be unable to get by without them? You are a hideous creature, Ms. Bachmann, go back to your bridge.

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