BREAKING: Two Dead, At Least 5 Others Gravely Injured After Man Opens Fire With AK-47


Two people in Kansas have been killed and several other people are gravely injured after a workplace shooting in Hesston, according to multiple reports.

The shooting took place at Excel Industries in Hesston, a small town in Harvey County, according to KAKE.  At this point, not a lot of details are offered.

Victor Ramirez, an employee at Excel, told KAKE News that at least five people were shot. Two have died. People inside are doing roll call at the moment to find out if employees are accounted for and that everyone is OK. “Harvey County Dispatch tells me shooter is down,”a reporter tweeted.

Another worker described the shooter as a black male with an AK-47. That witness said nine people were injured.

According to sources, the gunman was in a red-and-gray truck.

At least three of the wounded are in critical condition.

Watch courtesy of KAKE:


Hesston College, which is located just blocks away from the scene, is currently on lockdown. The college has about about 375 students plus staff members on campus.

Some reports say that the shooter was a former employee — described as a disgruntled worker — who shot an elderly woman in the parking lot, then walked into the building and opened fire. Although, it’s not clear if he was an employee or former employee. What is clear is that at least two are dead and multiple others are injured.

Also, we know that nothing will be done about the seemingly daily mass shootings in America because our elected officials are owned by the National Rifle Association.

We’ll keep you updated when more details are revealed.

A news briefing from the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.


The Associated Press is reporting that as many as 3-4 are dead, with up to 20 others injured.

Featured image: Sean Dobbins via Flickr.