SHOCK POLL: Donald Trump Supporters Take Survey On Race, The Results Will Blow You Away


If you didn’t think Donald Trump supporters could sink any lower, then you, like I, are sadly mistaken. In a YouGov poll conducted on Trump supporters, almost 20% of those asked disagreed with the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves during the Civil War.

Another 38% of Trump’s supporters wish the South had won the Civil War, with a whopping 70% of voters in South Carolina, according to a PPP poll, wanting the confederate flag to fly from their houses. Over 30% of Trump voters agree with the removal of Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II. The poll also indicates that 31% of Trump supporters think that whites are a superior race. If you’re not absolutely disgusted by these statistics you should probably have a serious bout of self reflection.

Trump hasn’t expressed these beliefs himself, but it’s easy to understand why the worst of society would be drawn to his campaign. He’s made a habit of saying inflammatory things throughout his campaign and has become notorious for speaking his mind, so it’s only natural that others will be inspired to speak their minds too. And some people’s minds are filled with hate, and bigotry, and the desire to persecute and harm others because of their differences. When you prey on people’s fears and prejudices and make spurious statements about banning all Muslims from the U.S. you’re really making a calculated move to round up and make yourself a candidate for those types of people. The people who are being left behind as society moves towards a more peaceful and progressive state of being.

Trump is masterfully striking a balance between not condoning the actions of his racist supporters, whilst saying enough dubious things to keep them interested. It’s almost like he’s shaking his head at them while occasionally throwing them a wink. Some of his supporters understand that he can’t come out and support them without losing the votes of somewhat sane people (I daren’t say completely sane because if you’re a Trump supporter you can’t possess all of your faculties), and are performing actions and declaring support for him while at the same time making sure everybody knows they aren’t okay with his message of hate. Trump really has managed to appeal to the lowest common denominator here, all while keeping himself just far enough out of the mud to be allowed to carry on campaigning for the office of President of the United States. Here’s a video showing just what kind of racist idiots we’re talking about: