Tea Party Temper Tantrum: Utah Senate Votes To Repeal 17th Amendment (VIDEO)


The 17th Amendment of the Constitution is kind of an important thing, but apparently not to Sen. Al Jackson (R-Highland) in Utah who sponsored a bill to abolish it.

It’s an important part of the Constitution because the Amendment took the power of selecting U.S. Senators away from state legislatures and gave it to the people.

Still yet, Jackson says that electing senators by the state Senate is needed because no branch of the federal government now represents the needs of state governments, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

“Today, senators are more beholden to special interest groups than to their states” because those interests give them money for reelection, Jackson continued.

“It’s time for our senators to come home every weekend and take direction from this body and from the House and the governor on how they should vote in the upcoming week,” he added.

Is he saying that We the People elect special interest groups whereas elected officials oppose that sort of behavior? It’s hard to determine his line of thought. It’s just all over the map. Republicans are taking power away from the people in order to give power to the people. Sure, that’s a real genius-type move there.

Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-Orem) agrees with Jackson.

“We represent the people and we are the ones who can respond and give direction to our senators,” she said.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Sen. Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, disputed the plan’s logic. U.S. senators are now the only lawmakers elected by all voters in the state, she said, and therefore are not affected by redistricting that she says may have favored Republicans in Utah. She said repealing the amendment would also take away power from voters.

According to KUER, the Utah Senate passed the bill by a vote of 20 – 6, almost entirely down party lines, with one exception. Republican Sen. Brian Shiozawa voted against it.


Jackson and his colleagues’ hatred of the federal government is duly noted. Republicans hate the government so much they’re willing to disempower the people.

Ted Cruz is also a supporter of repealing the 17th Amendment. Abolishing it is a favorite issue among Tea Partiers.

How about a different measure: our elected officials don’t get paid unless they do their damned jobs. Let’s face it. The only Amendment Conservatives adhere to is the Second one.

Image: Americans Against The Tea Party.