WATCH: Black Lives Matter Activist Causes Dramatic Scene At Hillary Clinton Event (VIDEO)

blm WATCH: Black Lives Matter Activist Causes Dramatic Scene At Hillary Clinton Event (VIDEO) Activism Election 2016
Pictured Above: Activist Ashley Williams interrupting Hillary in South Carolina on 2/23/16 (Via Screenshot)

So this happened.. A brave young Black Lives Matter activist stood before a crowd of Hillary supporters last night holding a banner and demanding that Hillary apologize to all Black people for vilifying them and being one of the many politicians that aided the mass incarceration of African-Americans.

The activist, and another who recorded the incident, silently cut through the South Carolina crowd until they were standing directly behind Hillary. That is when Ashley Williams held up a banner with this Hillary quote:

“We have to bring them to heel.”

The quote was taken from a 1996 speech that Hillary gave in which she stated that gangs are no longer comprised of sad street kids, but of monstrous “super predators” with no compassion or remorse. Hillary says “we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heal.” The misspelling in the activist’s banner was no accident, either.

Williams gave a statement off camera that made a lot of sense. Hillary is completely new to the equal human rights thing, but she certainly tries to portray herself as a life-long activist for equality when competing with Bernie Sanders for the presidency. Williams said this about Hillary:

“Hillary Clinton has a pattern of throwing the Black community under the bus when it serves her politically. She called our boys ‘super-predators’ in ’96, then she race-baited when running against Obama in ‘08, now she’s a lifelong civil rights activist. I just want to know which Hillary is running for President, the one from ’96, ’08, or the new Hillary?”

That is a good question, Ashley. With Hillary’s history of swaying her beliefs with what’s popular that decade, it’s a pretty alarming thought. I mean, what if 2020 brings a trend of world war conflict? Will she simply go along with what is expected of her no matter how immoral? How far will she go to keep Republicans happy? It’s a scary thought after noting that she voted in favor of going to war with the wrong country after 9/11 simply because that’s how MOST others were voting.

Not Bernie Sanders, though.. Just saying.

UPDATE** Twitter is blowing up right now over this incident, and Miss Williams isn’t the only one with a mouthful for Hillary. Check out the Twitter buzz HERE.

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