WATCH: Highschoolers Now Using ‘TRUMP’ Chant To Harass Hispanic Classmates (VIDEO)


It’s official: Donald Trump’s name is now officially synonymous with racism AND bullying.

An opposing high school basketball team’s fans taunted Perry High School’s Hispanic students with chants of “USA” and “Trump, Trump, Trump” at a game on Monday. The fans were referencing Trump’s racist and xenophobic  insults directed at Latino immigrants. The Huffington Post reports that:

“Players told the station that the chants were directed at Latino players, referencing Trump’s numerous offensive remarks about Latinos. The station notes that some people even quoted Trump directly “about what he plans to do with immigrants and their children” — probably alluding to Trump’s vow to deport every undocumented immigrant int he country.”

Trump continues to double down on his message that he will be the GOP candidate toughest on immigration, rallying his racist base who blame America’s ills on immigrants and people of color instead of the wage gap that favors the 1%, like Donald Trump.

Trump’s main selling point as a candidate is his promise to reinstate white voters to a privileged class, so it should come as now surprise that his name now has the same meaning as shouting “white pride!” or waving a Confederate flag. Even children are beginning to understand that Trump’s message is simply one of hate and bullying. The Huffington Post agrees.

“Between the people who think maybe Abe Lincoln went too far in freeing the slaves, to the wildly racist responses a Huffington Post reporter received after tweeting about Trump, to this … this week is making us start to think Trump supporters might kinda be a little racist.”

Players for the bullied team say they are refusing to let the taunts get them down and intend to turn the experience into a drive to be better and work harder.

“As soon as I hear something like that, it just triggers me and it makes me strive for more and to do it for my team, coaches and my community,” senior Shammond Ivory told WHO-TV.”

See how Trump kicked off his campaign with racist rhetoric against Latino immigrants below: