Bill Nye Demands Reporters Make GOP Admit They Are FULL OF SH*T About Climate Change (VIDEO)


Bill Nye the Science Guy is pretty fed up with members of the GOP pretending to be more educated on scientific matters than actual scientists, and he hasn’t been very quiet about it. Recently Nye demanded that people interviewing presidential candidates ask questions that would not only put the candidates on the spot, but make them look like utter fools when trying to answer these two amazing questions:

“Mr. _______, you’ve stated repeatedly that you feel that climate change and global warming are not things we need to worry about in the short or even long term; why do you disagree with the world’s science community and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?”

Nye then continues his question, knowing that any GOP candidate is going to say that they disagree with the science community about climate change being a real and imminent problem for the inhabitants of this planet despite scientific claims that it’s true:

“Mr. _______, would you say that you believe your intuition and experience with weather are more scientifically correct than the research done by the world’s climate scientists, and do you believe that the world’s scientists are part of a conspiracy?”

Now this is where any answer given by a GOP member is going to go down as one of that candidate’s dumbest quotes ever. There is no good answer to that question other than no, and we all know there’s no way ANY Republican would answer using that common sense.

In 2016, every single Republican running for the presidency is a climate change denier. It is no coincidence that ONLY members of the GOP believe this conspiracy theory where scientists are villains concocting this evil plan to rid the planet of pollutants so that we can GASP…conserve our planet’s natural resources! Birthers and Sandy Hook deniers also just so happen to be Republican.

Hats off to academics like Nye who aren’t staying silent while conservatives take the stage to “educate” their constituents on issues. While Republicans are obviously out of their f*cking minds, they still pose a serious danger because of the general stupidity of most Americans. Keep it up, Bill!

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Featured Image Via Business Insider