FLIP FLOP: Trump Said Reagan Tax Cuts Were A ‘Disaster,’ Now Wants To Cut Taxes MORE Than Reagan


Donald Trump is a man of many contradictions, and that is especially true when you compare his current statements with what he’s said in the past on various issues. For example:

  • Trump was once pro-choice, but is now anti-choice
  • Trump rails against health care reform but says he will replace it with something better
  • He says he loves Hispanics, but wants to build a wall on the Southern border

On economics, you might think a businessman of Trump’s stature would be in favor of massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and he is. His plan would cut taxes by over $10 trillion dollars, exploding the debt to nearly $30 trillion in less than four years. He even attempted to defend this massive tax cut at last night’s debate in Houston, and, more importantly, how to pay for it, Trump said he would eliminate the Department of Education and the EPA, but asked for other specifics, he kept repeating it would be paid for by eliminating:

‘Waste, fraud and abuse.’

Anyone who believes Trump can cut $10 trillion in “waste, fraud, and abuse” might also be interested in some swampland the Donald would love to sell them for $300,000 an acre. Hey, it’s right on the water, and everyone wants that, right?

Yet in the 1990s, the same Donald J. Trump said he thought the Reagan tax cuts had been a “disaster.” And he has even testified before Congress that taxes are good for the economy because they stimulate investment. He told the House Budget Committee in 1991:

‘I like to say that you can spur the economy through taxes so that the economy actually gets good.’

When asked if he meant that taxes needed to increased, Trump was unambiguous in his reply:

‘Yes sir, I would do that because I believe strongly that people don’t have enough incentive to invest right now at 25 percent (tax rate). I just don’t believe they have enough incentive to take the risk of investment. The higher [the income tax] is, the more incentive there would be. I guess it was 50 and it was 60 at one point and it was obviously even higher than that, but the higher it is, the more incentive.’

So which is it? Lower taxes or higher taxes, Donald? Guess that depends on whether or not you’re trying to win the Republican nomination, doesn’t it?

Face it, Donald Trump is full of crap. He will say or do anything to further his poll numbers and his own personal fame. And that’s one of many things that makes him so dangerous.

Here’s a look at Trump’s tax plan and how disastrous it would be:

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