Missouri Republican Mocked: Introduces Bill To Make Lawmakers Automatically Become Lawyers


Normally it takes about seven to eight years to become a lawyer. And apparently, in Missouri, they’re just aren’t enough lawyer jokes, so a Republican state representative introduced a shortcut to becoming an attorney – but only for members of the general assembly.

Forget all that icky college, book learnin’ stuff. Members of the legislature would automatically become lawyers if the bill which was introduced Wednesday by Republican state Rep. Robert Ross, who serves on the committee of professional registration and licensing, passes. BOOM! Just like that, you’re a lawyer. Well, this doesn’t apply to voters, only legislatures.

Thinking Points Memo reports:

A Missouri state representative has introduced a bill would automatically make members of the general assembly lawyers — without law school, bar exams or any of the other training and credentialing that is usually required of attorneys — after they have been in office for two years. The bill would also make those members eligible to serve as Missouri associate or circuit court judges.

The bizarre bill states:

A person who has served at least two years as a member of the Missouri general assembly shall:
(1) Qualify such person to practice law as an attorney in the state of Missouri; and
(2) Satisfy any requirements for a person to become an associate or circuit court judge in the state of Missouri.

The Missouri Constitution currently requires that circuit judges be lawyers licensed to practice in the state.

Naturally, Twitter being Twitter, a hashtag was created to mock this stunningly stupid idea: #molegdegrees

So Ross serves on the committee of professional registration and licensing yet he wants to afford members of the legislature an instant degree to become a lawyer without all of that fancy schoolin’ stuff. It appears – and I’m just guessing here that his motivation is to put more judges in court who have  no experience whatsoever in the law.

Ross is a self-employed land surveyor and owner of a shooting range.

Ross’s idea sounds a lot like Rand Paul’s. The Kentucky politician is a “board-certified” physician even though he is not actually certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

He was afforded that title by the National Board of Ophthalmology, an organization which he operates. It has a P.O. Box number and not an actual address listed. The organization was founded by Paul and only lists possibly seven doctors.

The bill in its entirety:

To pursue a career as a lawyer, it generally takes earning a bachelor’s degree followed by three years of law school, but doctorin’ and lawyerin’ isn’t a big deal to Republicans. Just give yourself the title and it’s all good. We’ve already seen Republican legislators feigning to be Vagina doctors.

I took a tandem skydive jump recently. I am an astronaut! My cat had a tummy ache the other day so I comforted her. I am a veterinarian. Just like that. 

Image: Vote Smart.