NEW DETAILS: Trump’s Family History Includes A Grandfather Into Human Trafficking (VIDEO)


Since Donald Trump began his run for President of the United States, he has made the most disparaging remarks about illegal immigrants. One might think Trump’s bloodline led right back to early European settlers (also immigrants), however that is simply not the case.

Turns out Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was a German immigrant who came to the U.S. illegally in 1885. In that time there was a group of German immigrants hiding out in America who were defined as America’s trojan horse or the “enemy within.”

Trump must have forgotten his grandfather existed when he spoke out about deporting every single illegal immigrant from America if he were to be elected President. Surely, Trump wouldn’t have unleashed all that bigoted hate speech on Hispanics if he had known the personal plight of his grandfather. Or perhaps he was just banking on the fact that his supporters are too stupid to figure out that he was a complete phony.

image-20160225-15136-jbmwaq NEW DETAILS: Trump's Family History Includes A Grandfather Into Human Trafficking (VIDEO) Donald Trump Election 2016
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Trump’s grandfather was one of 1.8 million German immigrants who came to the country in the ten years between 1880 and 1890. When he arrived in New York, he took a job as a barber until the massive gold boom motivated him to pack up and move west. It was then that Friedrich began the Trump business mogul legacy.

After becoming a successful gold prospector, Friedrich changed his name to Frederick and purchased a few hotels and restaurants on the west coast, beginning what would be a family trend in hotel ownership. However, there was one serious difference in The Donald’s over-priced hotels and the hotels his grandfather owned.

It seems that Friedrich Trump offered his hotel patrons the luxury of enjoying the company of prostitutes, courtesy of the hotel. In those days, whoring was as common as it is now, however, being a pimp was not nearly as frowned upon. While there is no excuse for being as ignorant and hateful as Donald Trump, we now have a bit more of an understanding as to why he turned out to be such a giant ass.

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