Ted Cruz Vows To Pardon Con Man Behind Fake Planned Parenthood Footage (VIDEO)


Texas Senator Ted Cruz feels that David Daleiden, one of the leaders of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) and the man believed to have masterminded the infamous fraudulent planned parenthood “baby parts” video, should be pardoned. In fact, Cruz promises to pardon him once he’s elected president.

Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File, Cruz was at a special “town hall” gathering where he sang the praises of a con-man who’s directly responsible for motivating Robert Dear’s deadly Planned Parenthood rampage last November. Cruz not only promised to pardon Daleiden, he also said he would “investigate” planned parenthood and prosecute any criminal violations.  Here’s the transcript of that exchange via Crooks & Liars.

‘MEGYN KELLY (HOST): “And our next question is really interesting. Less than a month ago a grand jury right here in Houston, Texas, was investigating criminal allegations of misconduct against Planned Parenthood, captured in a series of undercover videos. Instead of indicting Planned Parenthood for anything that was in those videos, they decided to indict two of the pro-life activists who shot the footage.”

“David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, was handed felony charges of tampering with a government record and a misdemeanor account related to purchasing human organs. He wasn’t actually trying to purchase them, he was acting the part. Lauren Day is a big backer of religious freedom. She just drove two hours so she could stand here and ask this question. Lauren, you have the floor.”

LAUREN DAY: “Thank you. If David Daleiden’s case became a federal one, would you pardon him?”

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): “Lauren, thank you for asking that question. The answer is yes. And let me flesh it out a little more. Listen, as a Texan, as a Houstonian, I was deeply dismayed and disappointed to see the Harris County district attorney bringing criminal charges against someone who went undercover to expose what appears to be vast criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood.”

“I think he performed an incredible public service and I’ll tell you this. I’ve pledged if I’m elected president, on the very first day in office, I intend to instruct the U.S. Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that organization.”‘

Cruz basically promised to conduct a witch hunt against an organization that even Donald Trump acknowledged helps millions of women, while pardoning a man who’s lies cost people their lives. This is the kind of judgement you’d expect from a guy who has a record of punishing the innocent to propel his personal ambitions.

Here’s the YouTube video.


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