WATCH: Someone Added a ‘Gay Voice’ to Donald Trump And It’s Fabulous


Donald’s South Carolina victory speech was just tweaked by someone on YouTube. The words are exactly as Trump said them, but the voice is different.

Towleroad reports:

Donald Trump has become known for his distinct oratory style (among other things) while campaigning for president this year. But what if Trump spoke with what is stereotypically considered to be the “gay voice”? What would that sound like? Thanks to YouTuber Peter Serafinowicz, you no longer have to wonder. He recently took Trump’s victory speech in South Carolina and dubbed Trump with a lispy and colorful ‘gay voice’, turning Donald J. Trump into Donald Gay Trump.

Watch,created by Peter Serafinowicz:

The voice is perfectly synched with Trump’s big fat mouth, making the bombastic hotel magnate at least interesting.

“You know Henry, right? The lieutenant governor of South Carolina,” Trump’s fabulous stereotypical gay voice said. “I will take him over the governor anytime because we won. We won.”

There are just too many jokes here.

The GOP front-runner said on Fox News, “I’m against gay marriage.”

“I just don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it,” he continued. “I’m opposed to gay marriage.”

Live Science reported:

Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.

The study suggest that prejudice against the LGBT community may also stem from authoritarian parents.

“Sometimes people are threatened by gays and lesbians because they are fearing their own impulses, in a sense they ‘doth protest too much,'” the study adds.


But we dig Trump’s new voice. It seems fitting somehow, even though my gay friends would want no part of him or his colleagues – with or without the supposed gay voice.

Image: Screengrab.