Donald Trump Confronted By What He Created, A Racist Mob Wearing KKK Shirts


There is not much worse than a gathering of Trump and his supporters in a building. However, Trump’s latest rally was complete bulls**t. Amidst all of the gawking, obnoxious, moronic Trump campaign supporters, Trump, the modern day Hitler, basked in the glory of his name being chanted over and over as if in some sort of demonic ritual. While Trump had his moment of pure bliss, gloating in the limelight of a bunch of idiots, one protestor irked his nerves and was escorted out of the building.

Trump can’t handle people pointing out truths, disagreeing with him, or not bowing down to worship him when he walks by. The protestor was doing nothing but wearing a shirt that says, ‘KKK Endorses Trump’ and was quickly escorted out of the room. Trump said nothing to the man, didn’t question or deny the obvious truths, but had the man escorted from the rally for exercising his right to freedom of speech. Apparently, if Trump is ever in the oval office, we’re doing away with the Bill of Rights and Trump will write his own version.

According to Mediate,

‘Trump walked very close to where the protester was and practically stared him down before walking back and he (the protestor) was escorted out.’

It is still to be determined if Trump was more upset that someone didn’t bow down at the sight of him, took the spotlight off of him, or told the truth at one of his rallies. You can only expect this response from such an egotistical narcissistic d**k, but when it actually happens and the truth is revealed, it shows how ridiculous the whole Republican party is. Wait for the next rally with security setting a strict dress code and police officers spread evenly through the crowd.

Trump was less than pleased with the timeliness of the police escort and went on to say,

‘In the good old days, law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this…a lot quicker. In the good old days, they’d rip him out of his seat so fast, but today everybody is politically correct, our country is going to hell with being politically correct…going to hell.’

In order to make sure his feeble minded supporters understood what he was trying to say, Trump took many breaks in his complaining to gather his thoughts and repeat certain points. He can’t seem to wrap his mind around the idea that you can’t just walk up to someone and yank them around however you want. He’s like an unruly child on their first day of school that throws temper tantrums because he has to follow the rules.

He ends his complaining with,

‘In all fairness, I love the police, they’re the greatest.’

Watch his complete lack of control below.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: JoeMiller