NEW: Marijuana Has Just Been Fully Legalized By The Senate In This State (VIDEO)


First, it was medicinal marijuana, and people across the country got used to that idea. Then, legalization of small amounts of recreational marijuana came to some states, which decriminalized it, and states are becoming used to that change. Now, this state is climbing onto the cannabis production and sale line, following four other states: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, plus Washington, D.C.

I would have guessed that Vermont stood at the forefront of the states that let people purchase small amounts of recreational marijuana, because legalized pot for medicinal purposes is already legal there. But those four states and D.C. beat the Green Mountain state in this race.

Unlike Colorado, for example, Vermont’s bill excludes edibles, such a marijuana brownies, nor can individuals grow the plants.

On the way to legalization, the states follow a pattern. They either reduced the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana to no jail time, or they allowed medical marijuana use.

So, which states are next, after Vermont? Good candidates are: Arizona, California, Maine, and Nevada. Hopeful states are: Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, and Rhode Island. Possible states are: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, and New York.

The beauty of selling marijuana legally is that it generates so much in taxes for the mother state. A whopping 25 percent sales tax should generate between $30 million and $40 million each year!

Thursday, Vermont’s senate voted 17-12 to pass the bill through its senate. If the bill S.241 passes through all of the hoops, including Democratic Governor ‘s Peter Shumlin promised signature, residents could buy up to half an ounce at a time.

Out-of-staters don’t have it so lucky. They could only buy one-fourth of an ounce. Another restriction is that shops would only be able to sell to people 21-years-old and up.

The state’s pioneering spirit made Vermont the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2009. Vermont is still heads above the rest of the country, because it will be the first state to legalize pot through its legislature. The way Vermonters set up their state legal system, the cannabis initiative has to pass into law through its legislature, not the courts. Vermont does not permit ballot measures.

Go Vermont!

The video below tells how to start a small business, farming marijuana:

Featured Image: Cannabis Culture via Flickr, Creative Commons