PUNKED: Chris Christie Gets HUMILIATED By Trump After Giving Him Endorsement, ‘GO HOME’ (VIDEO)


Chris Christie is an idiot if he didn’t see that coming. While most politicians only pretend to hate each other while competing, they usually drop the charade once they’re out of the running. (see Hillary Clinton 2008) However, Donald Trump was never pretending; he literally doesn’t give one iota of care for any of the people running with him.

The Donald made it clear that he didn’t need or want Christie’s endorsement when Christie introduced Donald at one of his rallies in Tennessee this afternoon. As Donald walks up to the podium he grabs Christie’s hand to shake it. He then leans in to whisper something into Christie’s ear that the microphones didn’t pick up.

It was when the two separated a bit that the audio picked up and it could be clearly heard that Trump was telling Christie to get in the plane and go home. Christie, being the shlub he is, did nothing to stand up for himself and followed the orders given to him. Christie then raises his hand to wave at the crowd, then turns and leaves.

How embarrassing is that?! The country has given a reality television star and failed businessman far too much power and room to act like a complete ass at political events. Trump has turned this campaign into a freakshow, leaving liberals completely shocked and shaken that the idiot has made it this far.

With people, including his fellow Republicans, vowing to leave the country if he is elected President, one really has to wonder how Donald Trump has been so successful as a Presidential candidate when he has absolutely zero political or military background. I have a theory about that, though. Americans have become such mindless, daytime television watching, confederate flag waving, inbreeders that they totally believe a person who filed for bankruptcy four times can manage the budget of the richest nation in the world. Scary thought..

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