XENOPHOBIA: Three Young Muslims Found Shot To Death Execution Style (VIDEO)


Three very young Muslim men are lying in a morgue tonight, completely unrecognizable to their families due the the extensive injuries they sustained Wednesday. The shooting took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a home on E. Lewis street that was a common hangout for teens and young adults.

The Fort Wayne Police Department had been investigating the home for possible gang activity for weeks before the murders. Can it be a coincidence that the three young men, 23-year old Mohamedtaha Omar, 20-year old Adam Mekki and 17-year old Muhammad Tairab, just so happened to be Muslim immigrants from Africa?

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The coroner’s office found yesterday that all three victims suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. Safety Director Rusty York said that the victims were found by housemates who had stepped out of the house for just a few minutes and returned to the bloodbath. York said:

“Hopefully, you know, we’ll be able to focus in on exactly what the reason was, but as I said before, no reason to believe this was any type of hate crime, or focused because of their religion or their nationality whatsoever.”

While law enforcement is asserting that this is not a hate crime, the recent rise in violent acts against Muslims nationwide would make anyone question that. The investigation is ongoing, and the murderer’s motive is not yet known.

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