Black Voters Vow To Bring Down This Republican Over Supreme Court Stonewalling


It seems the people of Pennsylvania have not forgotten the 1985 Matthew Robin’s flick, “The Legend of Billie Jean”—“Fair is FAIR! We didn’t START this thing, but we’re not giving up until you PAY!”

Voters in the Keystone State are tired of party politics, as exemplified in Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s towing the party line in blocking an Obama nomination to the Supreme Court in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, and they are prepared to take their frustration out in the polls this November.

Furthermore, with the prominent view that Republicans wish to block Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court not just because the president is a Democrat, but also because he is the “first Black president” (Bill Clinton be damned), many in Pennsylvania’s Black community can’t help but hear the faint echoes of racism in their ears, which is why the Black community is vowing to be the vanguard in seeking Toomey’s defeat in the 2016 election. If he’s smart, he’ll take notice and do the honorable thing—break with the Republican Party and remain open to an Obama nomination to the Supreme Court. It may just save his career.

Of course, that vanguard might choose to go easier on Toomey if he listens to the people and breaks with the Republican Party regarding Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, but Toomey is about as unlikely to do that as Donald Trump dropping out of the presidential election or Ben Carson ride a sudden surge in the polls to victory.

One member of the community, 56-year-old Michael A. Bowden, an Air Force veteran living in Philadelphia, stated:

‘This kind of thing really burns me to the core. I’ve already started planting the seed in people’s heads that Sen. Toomey is one of those people in lockstep with the Republicans. This could give him a wake-up call that he could be vulnerable as well.’

Another Black Pennsylvania voter, 40-year-old Mecca Bey of Landsdowne, said:

‘I will make sure I motivate my friends to get rid of him. I’ve been educating people on what he’s actually doing right now so they don’t forget in the fall what he’s involved in.’

Fair is fair. Not one voter in the U.S. carries any illusions that this entire Supreme Court vacancy fiasco would be handled much differently if Republicans were in the Oval Office and Democrats controlled Congress. All this talk of refusing to even hold a hearing, to even consider entertaining a nomination from Obama under any circumstances is not good enough for voters anymore. Folks have had it with partisan politics. When the concern for one’s political party is greater than serving the people and country the government is allegedly designed for, you’ve got to pay the price. You’ve got to go, and Black voters in Pennsylvania are going to make sure that happens, at least this year, in this election, this time, with this Toomey.

Cue the Pat Benatar.

Featured image by Medill DC via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.