Trouble On The Horizon? Melania Bashes Hubby Trump For Vulgar Mouth (VIDEO)


Donald Trump may have some die hard followers, willing to stumble after him into the dankest corners of contemporary American politics for the 2016 presidential race, but some of those dank corners Trump’s own wife won’t even follow him into.

As Melania Trump said in no uncertain terms, Monday, in an “AC360” interview with Anderson Cooper, the couple disagrees on “many things.”

“We are both very independent,” Trump said. “I let him be who he is and he let me be who I am.”

“You don’t try to change him?” Cooper asked, to which Trump replied, shaking her head:

‘I don’t try to change him. He’s an adult. He knows the consequences. And so, I let him be who he is.’

Without further prompting, Trump then nods her head and says:

‘I give him my opinions many, many times…. And I don’t agree with everything what he says, but, you know, that is normal. I’m my own person. I tell him what I think. I’m standing very strong on the ground, on my two feet, and I’m a own person, and I think that’s very important in the relationship.’

Cooper pressed Trump for further details, pointing her presumably toward any number of quality candidates for worst thing Trump’s said on the campaign trail so far, asking, “Can you say something where you disagree with him on?’

“Oh, many things. Some language, of course,” Trump said.

“Language?” Cooper asked.

“Yeah, some language I didn’t approve,” Trump replied.

Cooper then clarified with an obviously pointed question–“Language you hear him use on the campaign trail?”

Trump complied:

‘Especially, I was in New Hampshire when the woman was shouting out the inappropriate word…. And I was there, and I’m thinking, like, “Don’t repeat it!” in my head. Just, for him. Don’t repeat it. Just don’t say it, because the next day, media—all they will talk is about that…. But he repeat it.’

She added:

‘He’s with the momentum. He goes with the flow. He goes with the people. They having fun. Everyone were cheering. And, you know, he said it, and the next day…’

Trump then abruptly clarified mid-sentence:

‘But he repeated the word. That was not his word.’

Cooper inquired, “So he heard from you about that?”

“Yeah, I told him that. Yes,” Trump said.

See, folks? Even Trump’s wife has a line beyond which she will not cross with him. She’s not afraid to give him an earful when he goes too far out of line while she lets him be his own person and suffer the consequences of his actions like an adult—and sometimes the consequences of those actions are going to be an earful from Ms. Trump. You better believe it.

So, don’t be afraid to give Trump an earful, yourself, whenever he inevitably offends or dismisses an entire group of people again in the course of this presidential election. Chances are, you’ll only have to wait so long as the next rally.

Featured image via CNN video screen capture.