Stephen Colbert Cleverly Calls Out Donald Trump On KKK’s David Duke Endorsement (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert’s timing was impeccable, as usual, perched on the eve of Super Tuesday, that day when 12 states and one territory vote for their political preferences. Or as Colbert calls the day before, “Sphincter-Clenching Monday” for Republicans, since the leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is likely to win the Republican nomination. Then, pow, Colbert was all over Trump.

After former grand dragon David Duke endorsed Trump, the billionaire told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he didn’t know the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) former leader, and didn’t think he’d ever met him. But Trump could have flat-out denounced Duke. After all, who doesn’t know what the KKK is all about, its extreme racism?

Instead, the real estate mogul told Tapper that he would have to do more research on the KKK or Duke in order to make a decision. The “Late Show” host said:

‘Trump needs to know before condemning David Duke or the KKK — it’s not like they’re Muslim or born in Mexico.’

Colbert confessed that he had offered free advice to Hillary Clinton on “the easiest question in politics:”

‘I recently gave some advice to Hillary Clinton after she couldn’t give a straight answer about whether she’d ever lied to the American people. I said that was the easiest question to answer in politics. Well, I would like to apologize. I was wrong. This is the easiest question to answer in American politics.’

He pointed to a graphic of Duke and a hooded Klan member:

‘When someone asks you, do you disavow the Ku Klux Klan, just say yes and start high-fiving your future cabinet.’

Colbert understands that if you only reach “Ku,” that a candidate might jump to the wrong conclusion of where you are going. But once you get to “Ku Klux,” people know exactly where you’re going:

‘You know what’s coming next. It’s not going to be Ku Klux Crispies or Ku Klux Crunch Wrap.’

Of course, Trump had an excuse for his hesitation. Colbert said the billionaire businessman blamed a “very bad earpiece” for his confusion about the question:

‘He blames this one on the earpiece, but I think he should take some responsibility for the mouthpiece — also, maybe the hairpiece.’

Definitely, the hairpiece.

Featured Image: Youtube.

H/T: and Entertainment Weekly.