Trump Rally Throws Out 30 Peaceful Black Students For Standing Silently (VIDEO)


Once again the campaign of Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, has decided to show “the blacks” how much the Billionaire loves them, by kicking 30 peaceful black students out of a rally in Georgia on Monday.

Students attending Valdosta State University were asked to leave Monday’s Trump rally by local law enforcement. According to the students, they were standing silently in a top section of the venue when they were approached.

“We didn’t plan to do anything,” Tahjila Davis, a 19-year-old mass media major, told The Des Moines Register. “They said, ‘This is Trump’s property; it’s a private event.’ But I paid my tuition to be here.”

Here’s a YouTube video featuring one of the ejected students tearfully explaining what happened.

This latest episode follows another incident at a Trump rally in Virginia, where a Time magazine photographer was choke slammed by a secret service agent while trying to film Black Lives Matter protestors as they were being escorted out of the building.

One media outlet reported that the protestors were removed at the request of the Trump campaign, however, the trump campain denied that was true.

‘There is absolutely zero truth to that,’ says campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks.

A single secret service agent “oversaw” the ejection of the students but agents not have an active role in the incident.

‘If a group at an event protests, it does not become an issue with the United States Secret Service unless our protectee is threatened,” said Kevin Dye, a spokesman for Secret Service. He said it’s not uncommon for Secret Service agents to monitor these situations, but they do not actively participate in removing protesters.’

But, a different Secret Service agent told CNN that the students were “asked to leave by the host committee and local law enforcement.”

“We do not escort protestors (or) disruptors out of events,” the agent, speaking on background, said. “(It’s) not a Secret Service function and (campaign) staff knows that.”

Here’s a YouTube video report on the incident.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to spin the fairy tail of his “tremendous” support within the black community. Trump tweeted this endorsement from an influential and powerful black organization known as the National Black Republican Association (NBRA).

NBRA chair Frances Rice explained his organizations decision to endourse Trump, in a statement she said:

‘We believe that Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he can push back against the mainstream media, end political correctness and free black communities from the destructive grip of socialist Democrats.

We urge our fellow black Americans to seize control over their own destiny and leverage their vote the way other groups do. It is way past time black Americans stop having their vote taken for granted by Democrats, hold politicians accountable for the content of their policies and not vote merely based on the label of their party.’

Rice blames Democrats for the conditions African-Americans live in today. She refuses to acknowledge that the Republican party of President Abraham Lincoln is not the same as the modern day party which used the infamous “southern strategy” help elect Ronald Reagan.

“This is the first time in my life that I have felt I am actually doing something about what the Democrats have done in the past and are doing now to black people,” Rice said. “If the Democrats had left us alone after the Republicans freed us from slavery we wouldn’t be having this discussion today. They are keeping blacks in virtual slavery.”

Republicans like Trump love to trot out their “token” support within minority communities in order to overexaggerate their appeal. But as the 30 Georgia students learned on Monday, actions speak louder than words.

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