WINNER: Polls Show Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary Clinton In National Race For President In Spite Of Super Tuesday Numbers


Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she wants Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race, so that she can head down the freeway toward the White House without any obstructions in her path. There is just one problem: according to this major poll she can’t win.

Despite her results on Super Tuesday, Sanders still leads her nationally, according to one major poll. Nevertheless, she is planning her winning speech, and she has even hinted at the date of March 15th for her celebration party.

Clinton has let loose a myth that only she can win against a Republican candidate. Economist and former Secretary of Labor in the Bill Clinton administration Robert Reich aptly describes the trusted myth of Clinton supporters and Republicans:

‘He’d never beat Trump or Cruz in a general election.’

Even though Reich served under Bill Clinton, he is a Sanders supporter and explains that the Vermont senator has the edge to an easy presidential win:

‘According to the latest polls, Bernie is the strongest Democratic candidate in the general election, defeating both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in hypothetical matchups. (The latest RealClear Politics averages of all polls shows Bernie beating Trump by a larger margin than Hillary beats Trump, and Bernie beating Cruz while Hillary loses to Cruz.)’

Then, Sanders has raised more money this month than any other candidate running for president, $42 million. He remains optimistic about his chances. Most candidates don’t raise $6 million in the last 24 hours. So naturally, he becomes frustrated when people suggest he drop out. Ten months ago, Sanders was 50 plus points behind Clinton, and in just a short period of time he has closed the gap to fewer than eight points.

Clinton, on the other hand, is involved in an ongoing FBI investigation. In the general election, Independents, Democrats, and Republicans, who may be resistant to a Donald Trump presidency, still have questions about her character, particularly the elusiveness that has been pervasive throughout her 25 years in public office. The private, in-home computer server and its emails is just one example of that weakness that Republicans are certain to exploit.

Then, there are the big money donors for Clinton. She has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street in speaking fees, but she will not release transcripts to those speeches. Sanders can say, with some pride, that he has not and will not accept money from anyone but small individual donors.

Even though, Hillary Clinton usurps Sanders’ left-leaning ideas, policies, and even phrasing, that won’t give her the Vermont senator’s powers. He is invested in peace, while she is a hawk.

Voters don’t trust Clinton, and 53.8 percent of all voters have an “unfavorable” view of her. Then 67 percent of voters consider her “not honest and trustworthy. Among these same voters, 59 percent find Trump “not honest and trustworthy.”

The latest RealClear Politics averages of all polls indicates that Sanders beats out Trump more than Clinton. With Cruz, Clinton loses, and Sanders wins. Sanders has edged up to and passed her in matches against any of the GOP candidates.

Tuesday night, Sanders spoke to his Vermont supporters and summed up the situation beautifully:

‘It’s not a winner-take-all situation. By the end of tonight we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. Ten months ago we were at three percent in the polls. We have come a very long way in ten months. We are going to take our fight to every one of the remaining states.’

‘Wall Street and super pacs are against us, but you want to know why we are going to win? Because our message resonates, and we are going to be victorious. ‘

Go, Bernie!

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