PLOT: Republican Establishment Working To Remove Donald Trump From The Ticket


It may look as if Donald Trump has a lock on being the GOP candidate for president, but on Super Tuesday, after all the excitement died down, the speeches were over, and most of the lights were turned off, the infamous political attorney Ben Ginsberg walked in with a mind-blowing revelation. It seems the Republican establishment is plotting to rip the position away from the Donald.

Can they do that? Yes.

Wednesday morning, the Republican leaders were having quiet breakfasts and phone calls, plotting a strategy to take down one of the worst possible candidates to ever come to the public’s attention. Trump is the epitome of GOP anti-establishment.

Ginsberg is the country’s leading GOP elections lawyer, so he knows. Host of MSNBC’s “Meet The Press” Chuck Todd asked the attorney how Ginsberg how they could take out Trump.

The attorney gave the MSNBC team covering Super Tuesday a brief explanation of what the network’s Rachel Maddow called “the dark art” of contesting the upcoming convention.

If Trump doesn’t have enough delegates by the time the Republican National Convention takes place in Cleveland in late July, then a “brokered convention” happens. Here is what Ginsberg said:

‘If you were to devise a plan to stop a runaway nominee, you would have to do a lot of state-by-state organizing. [This is] the equivalent of a triple bank shot: [I]t has not happened in history, but neither had a presidential recount.’

In other words, after the first ballot, anything goes. Ginsberg said this about Trump:

‘[He’s] the guy in the driver’s seat…a historically weak frontrunner. There are rules of the convention that apply, and people will take advantage of those rules.’

That means the Republicans would start some significant deal making among the convention delegates on the convention floor. Those deals could include:

‘…who would be on the ticket, reforms to the party platform, cabinet position, and so much more.’

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Michael Steele anticipates that Trump will run strong along with “two or three other people” staying in the race. He responded to a question about whether he thinks the GOP’s convention will be brokered:

‘I hope so. Because I want us to go—I’ve been saying this for many years now—it’s important that the party go through the process that the base of this party…’

‘I think there is something cathartic, important and refreshing about the prospects of going into the convention that it’s not a runaway for one candidate, that they’re actually going to have to negotiate and talk about who we are, what we value and how we present that to the country.’

Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley told “Breitbart News” that he thinks:

‘It’s always a possibility. Cruz is coming in, Trump is hanging in there and seems to be gathering momentum…’

‘So I think in a political year when everyone said it would be conventional—it’s turned out to be anything but with the rise of Trump and the rise of Carson—so I think a brokered convention is entirely possible. It would be the first time since 1976.’

The MSNBC exit polls show that half of the party, the Trump supporters, would be dissatisfied with a Rubio or Cruz win. The other half, Rubio and Cruz supporters, would be dissatisfied with a Trump win.

More importantly, all of the GOP establishment is dissatisfied with a possible Trump win. So, it looks as if a brokered convention might be inevitable.

Any guesses about who the GOP would choose to run?

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