Watch Karl Rove’s Virginia Primary Speculation Go To Shinola In A Matter Of Seconds On Fox News


If there’s one thing the 2016 election is underlining with a thick, heavy chalk, it’s the increasingly elevated level of speculation employed in political discussions, especially around elections, which after frequent repetition, inevitably becomes ingrained as “fact” to the vast mob of Americans forging through their daily lives without paying much attention to politics in the first place. Those “just following orders,” just clomping one foot in front of the other day in and day out, paying their bills and keeping their heads down, might catch wind of a soundbite repeated often enough that it lodges somewhere in their noggin as “fact” when it was, in fact, merely a momentary bit of speculation. Nonetheless, this is how the national narrative is often adjusted and the truth becomes skewed.

But speculation is far from fact, as illustrated by the following example of Karl Rove speculating on the Virginia primary on Fox News, Tuesday night, only to immediately be proven wrong by the actual results coming in.

The longer the time period between Rove’s speculation and the actual results, the more times the soundbite of his speculation can be circulated and create the impression that his speculation has merit, eventually implying it is true to anyone who is not paying attention over time. However, to quite a comedic end, Rove’s soundbite had no time whatsoever for its suggestion to be repeated and take root.

Chris Wallace asked Rove for his projection on the Virginia primary, to which Rove replied, pulling for Rubio:

‘Well, I think this race is going to continue to tighten.’

Without so much as a beat between them, Wallace then interrupts Rove in the video below, saying:

‘Wait, wait, hold on just a second. Apparently we’ve got a call in Virginia, so you can tell us after we get the call.’

No, the race did not “continue to tighten.” Trump beat out Rubio by around seven percent and stomped Cruz by roughly 20 percent, according to a graphic Fox put up as Wallace posed a new question to Rove in light of the recently released results. He had to stifle a bit of laughter as he did it.

‘Karl, tell me, what does that mean for Marco Rubio and Donald Trump?’

Speculation is just speculation, folks. Try to keep that in mind. While the Republicans look like they have a single, clear-cut front-runner, that is far from the case on the left. Don’t sweat the speculators. Just make sure you get out there and vote for your candidate. You’ll know what to do come the general election.

Featured image by LBJ Foundation via Flickr, available under Public Domain Mark 1.0 license.