‘You’re Scum!’: White Supremacists At Trump Rally Spit And Rough Up Black Woman (VIDEO)


As a shock to no one ever, white supremacists were spotted at a rally for Donald Trump in Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday. 30 black students were ejected from the facility.

The GOP front-runner was speaking at the time about how wonderful America will be when he becomes President (he will not become President) when several different predominantly black protesters holding signs were cursed at by white Trump supporters who surrounded them, according to Shaun King at the Daily News.

We now know that those Trump supporters are open bigots, Neo-Nazi’s, and white supremacists belonging to many different groups including the Traditionalist Worker Party — a well-documented hate group. Their social media profiles are full of Nazi photos, KKK and white supremacist references, and some of the most insulting, despicable hate speech you’ll ever see.

Matthew Heimbach, one of the leaders, tweeted that youth workers from the Traditionalist Worker Party were responsible for snatching the signs from protesters.

And as further proof, the group tweeted it also.


Things turned violent at the rally when a man who is believed to be Heimbach began shoving a black teenage female then yelled in her face and tried to stab her with what appears to be a pen while wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ red hat.

“I was called a n—– and a c–t and got kicked out,” said Shiya Nwanguma, a student at the University of Louisville.

“They were pushing and shoving at me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They were disgusting and dangerous.”

Watch, tweeted by Shaun King:


Molly Shah, another protester, watched Heimbach try to recruit other attendees.

“I watched him for hours recruit Trump supporters with five of his buddies,” Shah recalled. “They later attacked the group I was with. The Neo-Nazis threw punches and kicked us. I am still awake now because my body is sore.”

“In my entire life I had never had anyone look at me with such hate,” said another activist, Chanelle Helm.

As supporters pushed and shoved a black man attending the rally, Trump interrupted his speech several times to comment as the demonstrators were ejected, according to Raw Story.

“Don’t hurt him,” Trump said, as supporters pushed a black man around in the crowd. “See, if I say go get him, I get in trouble with the press — the most dishonest human beings in the world, the worst. If I say, don’t hurt him, the press says, maybe Trump isn’t as tough as he used to be. Can you believe this?”

Another protester told the Daily News that she distinctly remembered one disturbing chant by the white supremacists, “You’re scum, you’re time will come. You’re scum, you’re time will come.”

The hotel magnate does not want to be blamed for these disturbing incidents but they occur at every single rally. There has never been anything similar at any other campaign rally for other candidates. With his heated rhetoric, he garners white supremacist support across the board. David Duke, the KKK, Stormfront and other white supremacist sites all have announced strong support for the racist, vile, disgusting arsehole. This is Trump’s America, not ours. Don’t sit this election out. Get out the vote.

Featured image: Screenshot.