AMAZING! This London Pub Makes It Easy For Patrons To Pick Their Least Favorite Republican With New ‘Piss Poll’


Have you always wanted to urinate on a Republican presidential candidate? If you can get to south London by tomorrow to participate in a “piss poll,” your dream can become a reality!

The British have made it clear that they think very little of Donald Trump, what with their petition to ban him from the country and what-not. In addition to hating on Donald Trump, though, based on the decision of one London pub, they also don’t feel too kindly towards any of the Republican candidates. Lauren Hansen of The Week reports that The Three Stags, a south London pub, is hosting a “piss poll” for “The Last Leg,” a satirical British television show.

How does the poll work? Basically, as of Feb. 26, three of the urinals in the men’s bathroom at The Three Stags have been adorned with cardboard cutouts of the top three Republican candidates, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Customers cast their votes by urinating into the mouth of the candidate they would most like to urinate on in real life — i.e., the candidate they hate the most.

A tweet sent out by the show on March 1 confirms that it is now not just men who can participate in the poll:

‘LADIES: you asked, we listened. You can now take part in the too! Head to the @thethreestags to vote.’

While votes will not officially  be tallied until tomorrow, March 4, Donald Trump is currently the odds on favorite — or least favorite, depending on how you look at it — to win — or lose. Said Richard Bell, owner of The Three Stags:

‘Obviously Trump’s winning. 90 percent of people, including me, pee in Trump’s mouth every time.’

It’s really no surprise that 90 percent of the patrons of The Three Stags have voted for Donald Trump. After all, over a quarter of a million British people have signed a petition to ban the Republican candidate from ever entering the country. Want to know more about how the British feel about the man who wants to “make America great again”? Watch the video below, courtesy of Channel 4 News via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from Twitter.