Another Country Just Proposed Banning Donald Trump & Their Reason Is Perfect


If Dick Cheney decided to vacation in Europe, he would be arrested and tried for war crimes against Iraqi people. It would not be quite that bad for a president Donald Trump to do his job in the world, but close. Great Britain’s government is trying to get him banned. Two former presidents of Mexico have had less than kind words about Trump’s great wall of Mexico, and now Mexico City legislators propose this.

On Tuesday, the leftwing Revolutionary Democratic Party introduced a “point of agreement,” to ban Trump from entering the country. This is a symbolic but powerful recommendation by the local legislature. Deputy Victor Hugo Romo, a member of this party, said that Trump is “primeval, egocentric and primitive.”

Then he went on to compare Trump to Hitler, according to MVS Noticias:

‘Hitler was very popular. He generated a lot of sympathy by adopting nationalist politics that vindicated the Germans’ sense of self-worth. [Trump] is practically a copy. I consider Donald Trump a chauvinist, a misogynist who fosters and leans towards toward repression. … He doesn’t respect diversity.’

The Mexicans aren’t crazy about Trump sticking them with the bill for the wall between the countries, either. The proposal to ban Trump passed unanimously.

Deputy Jose Manuel Delgadillo, of the conservative National Action Party, spoke to WorldPost about Trump:

‘What we’re saying is that if he wants to build a wall so that Mexicans can’t enter his country, then he is not welcome in our country. What we need now is for President Peña Nieto to make a strong statement condemning Mr. Trump’s anti-Mexican comments.’

Delgadillo said that Mexico City legislators need to encourage Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto to challenge the billionaire businessman. The legislators think that Trump has encouraged anti-Mexican sentiment with his broad condemnation of Mexicans as “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

The legislators’ anger reflects the comments of two irate former presidents. Felipe Calderón said Trump is a “racist” and “turning the United States into a neighbor that we’re all going to end up rejecting and hating.”

The former president Vicente Fox surprised many US citizens with his furious and caustic statement that he was not going to pay for “that f**king wall.”

However, Mexico’s President Peña Nieto, of the Revolutionary Institutional Party, has decided to proceed with caution at this point. So far, he has remained primarily silent on the subject. According to Bloomberg News, Nieto’s chief of staff Francisco Guzmán was diplomatic, not even mentioning Trump by name:

‘Anyone who becomes president of the United States will have to work with Mexico. It would be difficult to reverse 20 years of integration.’

The Mexican leaders believe that Trump is a hyper-nationalist and a racist. That they would try to ban him from entering Mexico is significant. Calling Trump a “Hitler” tells us how strongly they feel. However, US politicians have started to criticize Trump in similar terms, now that a Trump presidency has become a more realistic threat.

Is Trump the man we want representing our country in the world?

Featured Image: Richard Masoner via Flickr, Creative Commons

H/T: Huffington Post