Donald Trump’s Campaign So Lacking In Diversity They Had To Use Photoshop To Turn White Models Black


With his treatment of minorities throughout his campaign, it’s really no surprise that Donald Trump and his campaign staff had difficulty finding a black model to pose in one of Trump’s T-shirts that is for sale on his website. It’s more likely that they just didn’t think to look for an actual black model, but the end result is still the same: a white model photoshopped to appear African American. Yep, it’s true.

Activist Eric Ming is the one who discovered the photoshopping and posted a side-by-side comparison on Twitter, with the caption “So it appears Donald Trump’s campaign photoshopped their model to be brown.”

When placed side by side, it is easy to tell that the two models are actually the same person. From the model’s figure to the identical collarbones, there is very little doubt that the photoshopping took place. Additionally, reports Raw Story’s Sarah K. Burris, the brand of shirts that Trump is using come from JCGApparl, and on the store’s website, only white models are wearing the shirts.

Trump made it clear even before he was running for President that his greatest concern with women was their appearance, as evidenced by the hours he spent objectifying women with the help of Howard Stern, so it’s no surprise that him and the people working for him were willing to photoshop a model. In fact, it would be expected. But changing a model’s skin color, because diversity is important, but not so important that they should actually go out and do the work of hiring an African American model, is so disturbing it’s laughable. Who are these clowns running Trump’s online store? And, furthermore, his whole campaign?

The good news is that Trump’s cronies are not the only people who know how to use photoshop. In fact, many people on the internet are much more adept, and they’ve used their skills to paint Trump in all kinds of positions. Check out the photoshop work in this video below, courtesy of HueHue via YouTube, who does an excellent job at turning Donald Trump into some exotic animals.

Featured image is a screenshot from Eric Ming’s Twitter profile.