Cops Claim Trump Ordered Black Students Removed From Georgia Rally


According to local law enforcement officials, Donald Trump requested Black college students be removed from his campaign rally, Monday, in Georgia, and if he made that request there, it’s likely he’s making it everywhere.

True to form, a group of Black collegiate students were roughly handled, shoved and dragged out of Monday’s rally, too.

Roughly 30 students intended to enact a silent, sitting protest at the Valdosta State University campus rally, but a Trump staff member instructed law enforcement to get rid of them.

Lowndes County Sheriff Office’s Capt. Stryde Jones told MSNBC:

‘A member of the [Trump] event staff approached a member of our agency and requested that the group be asked to leave.’

Jones’ statement was confirmed by another law enforcement officer, Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress, who said:

‘I spoke to a Trump staffer, whose name I do not have, she told us that they needed to leave. Not only did I talk to a Trump staffer, so did the University police, and we were told over the radio by the Sheriff’s office that Trump staff wanted them out.’

Of course, a spokesperson for Trump, Hope Hicks, issued a statement claiming the Trump campaign was entirely unaware of such an incident “until after reading these false reports,” and with such a valiant, patient track record when dealing with protesters as has emerged already, the nation may just have to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this one, don’t you think?

Of course not.

Though there are several explanations being floated for why the students were ejected from the rally, Childress claims it was for “shouting profanity.” Forget all the profane hate Trump gets to spout over the microphone for all to cheer. Forget all those same hateful, bombastic speeches broadcast into American’s homes all across the nation on the regular, too. These kids were swearing, so trounce their constitutional rights and get them out of there. Trump rallies are family events, right? How’s he going to tell everyone how big his “twig and berries” are if college students are swearing silently sitting in protest?

Protesters utilizing their First Amendment rights being thrown out of Trump campaign rallies is certainly nothing new, but it is the violence and hate-filled rhetoric that often accompanies these occurrences that, when added up, make for an unsettling state of affairs. More often than not, Trump, himself, stands firmly at the head of it all and whips his audience into a fervor until the protesters are dealt with, like a king having his less-loyal subjects dragged away to some unsavory design for his own merriment, or just to flex his power. Not even professional photographers for major media news outlets are safe should Trump or his goon squad deem them suspicious or undesirable.

This is American politics. If you’ve ever been to a rally in person, you’ll see how staged they are, how anyone even remotely appearing to be less than 100 percent for the candidate speaking is pushed to the back, and sometimes even “escorted” away. And this goes well beyond Donald Trump, to all the candidates, only Trump’s rallies are where the violence occurs, regularly, and this time race plays a factor, which just cannot be ignored. This is the candidate endorsed by David Duke, whom Trump refused to disavow, just like the KKK. He needs to do more research first, right?

And this is the guy we’re pretending can keep America safe from the likes of ISIS and every other terrorist organization we cultivate with our imperialist gluttony for privilege?

America, how can you be so close to fascism and still not see the hints of a stubby mustache under your nose?

Featured image by Michael Vadon via Flickr, available under Creative Commons.