Hillary’s Live Tweeting Of The GOP Debate Was Hilarious!


Last night’s GOP debate resembled more a promotion for a WWE wrestling match than a group of presidential candidates discussing the issues, and Hillary Clinton live-tweeted the whole event. Get ready to laugh as the Democratic front-runner takes down Trump and the GOP!

The GOP debate was an endless insult fest in which candidates attacked one another’s appearance, personality, and anything else they could come up with.

“The night kicked off with one of the most bizarre fights in debate history, with Donald Trump referencing his private parts.

It all started after Rubio was asked about his recent personal attacks against the Republican presidential frontrunner, specifically his insinuation that Trump has small hands.

‘If there’s anyone who deserves to be attacked that way, it’s Donald Trump for the way he’s treated people in this campaign,’ Rubio said.

But Trump wanted to make one thing clear, he’s just fine anatomically.

‘No one has ever hit my hands,’ Trump said holding up both his hands. ‘Look at those hands. Are those small hands?’

And just to be sure, he added, ‘He referred to my hands, if they’re small something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem there.'”

Has there ever been a presidential debate in which one of the candidates felt compelled to defend his penis size to the American public, or even considered that a valid talking point at a presidential debate? This was truly the lowest depths that most of us can imagine a debate could have sunk to, but Trump is highly likely to come up with something worse for the next one.

To see the craziest moments at last night’s GOP debate, watch the videos below: