JUSTICE: Marine In Training Discharged For Shoving Black Woman At Donald Trump Rally


A Marine hopeful was discharged from his program after a viral video of him shoving and screaming at a black protestor surfaced, according to Wave 3 News. The incident occurred at a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday.

The man, Joseph Pryor was taking part in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program, which prepares potential Marines for shipping out to boot camp. Pryor appears at the end of the Twitter video below, wearing a dark jacket with a blue collared shirt under it.

The local Marine Corps station released the following statement announcing Pryor had been discharged.

‘Joseph Pryor demonstrated poor judgment in his use of social media that associates him with a racially charged altercation at a political rally. Hatred toward any group of individuals is not tolerated in the Marine Corps and he is being discharged from our delayed entry program effective yesterday.’

Pryor has since changed his Facebook profile picture and multiple attempts to contact him have gone unanswered.

Pryor’s altercation wasn’t the only thing that went down at the rally. A Latina woman and her daughter who attended the rally to protest filed a police report after allegedly being physically assaulted and harassed. Esmeralda and Zayra Barrigan have pressed charges against parties involved.

Racially charged altercations have become a fixture at Trump rallies. At a rally in Georgia on Monday, 30 black students were forcefully ejected. The students weren’t protestors and were merely curious to hear Trump speak when he came to their campus.

All this should serve as a good reminder that while free speech is protected under the law, it doesn’t insulate you from consequences. Just because our government can’t throw us in jail for saying something they don’t like, it doesn’t mean employers, schools, and acquaintances don’t have a right to choose who they associate with.

Watch the news video below.

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