WOW: Was O’Reilly Really Drunk When He Interviewed Donald Trump After The Debate?


It looks really bad for Bill O’Reilly. Never mind that he was in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. His interview with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was just strange. The Tweets boiled up into a Twitter storm and took over the site, claiming O’Reilly was drunk when he did the post-debate Thursday night on Fox News.

The Tweets spoke to O’Reilly’s behavior, clearly ill at ease with Trump, and right away, O’Reilly pulled a macho match, stretching to reach Trump’s height:

‘We’re standing mano a mano here, you’re not going to be taller than me.’

When Reilly tried to get the billionaire to call out who his biggest competition was, Trump began to vacillate, and O’Reilly stopped things right there:

‘No, no, no, stop. You look a little tired, are you tired?’

O’Reilly did his best macho man with Trump on the question of why Trump felt O’Reilly had been unfair. Trump said simply:

‘I think you’ve been very negative.’

Clearly, O’Reilly was trying to get under Trump’s skin. He asked Trump why the Republicans felt “loathing” toward the real estate mogul. O’Reilly kept prodding to find Trump’s general election weaknesses.

O’Reilly clearly knew what he was doing by needling the leading candidate, but he asked Trump why he would say that. Trump responded with a nice right hook:

‘You’ll have to ask your psychiatrist.’

Then, O’Reilly went after Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and  the situation deteriorated. O’Reilly called her:

‘…the best half. It’s not even close.’

Trump commented that O’Reilly’s interview had been “fair,” but then he added:

‘You’ve gotten a little carried away with yourself.’

When media expert Bernie Goldberg’s turn came up, O’Reilly admitted he had no more questions. However, he suggested, that Goldberg might as well make up his own questions.

Plus, the latest debate is the only time that Trump met O’Reilly’s colleague Megyn Kelly, since he boycotted the Fox News debate over what he considered unfair treatment of him by Fox News. Their first interaction was very cordial and polite.  Even though Kelly tried to bait him, Trump refused to participate.

Trump tried to discuss the debate as “tough but fair.” The biggest salesman and the drunk man, what a crazy duo.

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey via Flickr, Creative Commons License

H/T: DailyBeast and Irish Central