Seriously? Bobby Jindal Blames Obama For Trump


On Thursday, failed Republican candidate Bobby Jindal had a scathing op-ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal, reports Mediaite. The subject, which has caused eyebrows to raise and heads to shake all around the country? Barack Obama is to blame for Donald Trump bombastic reign over the Republicans of the United States. And no, the piece is not satirical. Jindal is frighteningly serious.

It must be noted that the piece is, first and foremost, about Donald Trump, but Jindal makes sure to work in several examples of how the President is somehow responsible for what the overgrown toddler that is Trump does. Jindal writes:

“‘There would be no Donald Trump, dominating the political scene today if it were not for President Obama … After seven years of the cool, weak and endlessly nuanced ‘no drama Obama,’ voters are looking for a strong leader who speaks in short, declarative sentences.'”

So, to summarize Jindal’s sentiments, President Obama is a weak leader whose sentences are too long? Another translations of Jindal’s nonsense? President Obama is too smart, and the American people are looking for someone dumber, someone to get on their level. It may be true that Donald Trump, in general, appeals largely to the uneducated masses, but, surely, there has to be more important things to the voters than short, declarative sentences. Right?

To be fair, at the end of his piece, Jindal makes it clear that he doesn’t think either Donald Trump or President Obama is fit to run the United States. Never mind the fact that, in the last 7 1/2 years, President Obama has managed to shrink the deficit more than most people thought possible. Bobby Jindal seems to have forgotten the failure of his own campaign, and for some unknown reason, thinks that he has authority to tell the American people anything about the state of the country.

It’s been clear for a while now that Bobby Jindal does not exactly love Trump. A few months ago, Jindal slammed Trump when speaking at the National Press Club, calling him a narcissist and an egomaniac.

Watch the video of his insults below, courtesy of Fox News Insider via YouTube: