UPDATE: More Republicans Will Get The Boot From Senate For Obama SCOTUS Block


We previously reported that GOP senators Pat Toomey and Rob Portman were losing support from voters because of their obstruction of President Obama’s constitutional duty to nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and their seats on the Senate were at risk.

Now, in an update to that story, Public Policy Polling reports that even more Republicans are facing backlash because of their refusal to acknowledge the President’s nomination. Public Policy Polling conducted surveys in Arizona, Iowa, Missouri and North Carolina, where they found voters to be angry at the GOP obstruction. The report details findings as follows:

“All these Senators start out with pretty mediocre approval ratings. John McCain’s approval is a 26/63 spread, Roy Blunt’s is 25/48, and Richard Burr’s is 28/44. Only Chuck Grassley within this group is on positive ground and his 47/44 spread is down considerably from what we usually find for him as he loses crossover support from Democrats because of his intransigence on the Supreme Court issue. Further making life difficult for this quartet is the incredibly damaged brand of Senate Republicans. Mitch McConnell is vastly unpopular in these four states, coming in at 11/63 in Iowa, 16/68 in Arizona, 16/69 in Missouri, and 19/65 in North Carolina. McConnell will be an albatross for all Senate Republicans seeking reelection this fall.”

The Republican senators see their approval ratings dropping in states that have usually been supportive to GOP policy. When you combine this with the discontent in the party caused by the Republican’s failure to contain Donald Trump, it builds a slippery slope for GOP’s control of these states in the future. The survey continues:

“What voters especially have a problem with is Senate Republicans saying they’re going to reject President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court no matter who it is. Super majorities of voters in all four of these states- 69/25 in Arizona, 66/24 in Missouri, 66/25 in North Carolina, and 66/26 in Iowa say that the Senate should at least wait and see who’s put forward before deciding whether to confirm or deny that person. Even Republican voters- 56/35 in Arizona, 54/38 in North Carolina, 52/37 in Missouri, and 50/39 in Iowa think their Senators are taking far too extreme of a position by saying they won’t approve President Obama’s choice without even knowing who that choice is.”

It’s an interesting point, as the GOP refusal to even consider a nominee by the President does seem petty and selfish and not in the best interests of the American people. Republicans seem to have failed to take into account that support for their party comes from the people, and the people do not like their politicians acting out of self interest instead of serving the country. The American public understands that it’s better for the country if a Supreme Justice is elected this year, with the report stating that:

“Strong majorities of voters in each of these states want the Supreme Court vacancy to be filled this year. It’s a 56/40 spread in favor of filling the seat in Iowa, 56/41 in Arizona and Missouri, and 55/41 in North Carolina. What’s particularly important in the numbers is the strong support for filling the seat among independents- it’s 60/38 in Missouri, 59/37 in Arizona, 58/38 in Iowa, and 55/38 in North Carolina. Independent voters will be key to determining whether these incumbents sink or swim this fall, and they want the vacancy filled.”

The Republican Senators are on shaky ground at the moment and can’t afford to ignore the demands of their constituents, with Democrats eager to regain control of the Senate. If the GOP does lose ground in the senate and a Democrat is elected into office in November, there’s a chance that real, positive change could finally come to the US, and Republicans would have to moderate their extremist views to find public support.