WATCH: Ted Cruz Piss Off Crowd At CPAC Prompting Republicans To Boo And Walk Out (VIDEO)


Texas Senator Ted Cruz is fresh off one of the most cringeworthy GOP debates in recent memory, and now he’s managed to tick off a sizable number of Republicans at the Conservative Political Action Conference also known as CPAC. Here’s the video via Crooks and Liars.

During Cruz’s opening remarks at CPAC, he made a very lame Trump joke when he asked the audience.

“Now none of y’all have a degree from Trump University?”

At first, his awkward joke prompted relative silence, followed by Trump chants that were accompanied by loud boos from the audience. Members of the crowd were seen leaving while Cruz began to go into his “grassroots” spiel trying to pleasure the egos of the young Republicans he just ticked off.

Recently Cruz has been trolling Trump for his “Trump University” lawsuit woes by trotting out his version of a Trump University diploma on Twitter, which he labeled “Certificate of Deception.”

Cruz wrote:

“‘Donald Trump has a long history of defrauding others to make himself richer,’ Cruz’s campaign site reads. ‘We must not let this deception stand. Sign the petition to stand against Trump’s money-grab and get your personal diploma from ‘Trump University.'”

Cruz’s diploma also had the words “indebted” and “unaccredited” in the banner.

Both Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio attacked Trump during the debate on Thursday over his various lawsuits. Rubio called Trump out for defrauding people with a “fake university,” while Cruz did his usual sanctimonious posturing while trying to sell himself as the next Jesus Regan of the Republican party.

Cruz’s campaign also wrote:

“‘Donald Trump deceived thousands of hard-working men and women looking to make a better live [sic] for themselves,’ the text read. ‘In exchange for their support, he promised them they would win. Instead, Trump mislead [sic] them and left them in debt.'”

According to Real Clear Politics, as of Friday, Trump has leads across Kansas, Michigan, and Louisiana ranging from +6 to +23 with many predicting he will win all three states easily. So far nothing Cruz or Rubio does seem to matter to Trump supporters.

Trump spent Thursday night with 2 lawyers attacking him from either side, and Megyn Kelly making him squirm like a pre-schooler being interrogated by the FBI. And yet Trump is still on course to force all of his opponents to kiss his ring by the time the GOP convention rolls around.


Featured image from Crooks and Liars.