Nancy Reagan Dies, Conservatives Attack Mrs. Obama


Conservatives have bashed Mrs. Obama ever since her husband took the oath of office and today, with the news of former First Lady Nancy Reagan dying, classless right wingers took to their social media accounts. While feigning grief over Mrs. Reagan’s passing, they took shots at Mrs. Obama.

Nancy Reagan reportedly died Sunday at age 94, after years of failing health and regardless  of our political differences with the nation’s 40th president, the First Lady is not an elected office. And sure, we’ve seen some crappy comments from liberals, too, and that is equally disrespectful. Never mock the dead. You might tempt fate.

On Twitter, hateful Conservatives targeted Mrs. Obama during their moment of ‘grief.’

Charles Gasparino of FOX Business Network weighed in, too, and tweeted that President Obama hasn’t comment on  Mrs. Reagan’s death even though the White House promptly released a statement.

As if he couldn’t stop himself, he just kept going.

Obviously, the Obamas are racists so they didn’t comment even though they did.

If only Charles could read:

Gasparino responded to me when I VERY politely called him a dumbfuck.

Gasparino’s tweets were bashed and his response to several of them was, “You have three followers. No one cares what you think.” Ooo big man!

All of our First Ladies have had class. We can disagree with them, but they did not embarrass the citizens of the country while their husbands held office.

And sometimes, they even got along with former First Ladies.

In 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted Nancy Reagan at a private lunch – just the two of them – in the White House family living quarters, People reported at the time. “She just thinks the world of you,” President Obama whispered to Mrs. Reagan when she attended a Washington, D.C., bill-signing ceremony to create the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission.

Image: White House via Flickr.