Saturday Night Live Hilariously Goes After Donald Trump And His ‘Big Penis’


NBC’s “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open plunged right into the “fun stuff” by brilliantly mocking every recent political event, beginning with Donald Trump’s weird Super Tuesday press conference to Hillary Clinton’s canned diversity speech to Mitt Romney’s failed get-Trump speech. SNL nailed it!

A scared Chris Christie stood behind Trump at the six U.S. flags over the billionaire’s Florida mansion. Christie was a deflated version of himself, with all of his confidence sucked right out of him. Darrell Hammond returned to SNL to do Trump, as only he can:

‘I really am running the best campaign aren’t? The media is saying they haven’t seen anything like this? Not Since Germany in the 1930s.’

‘I mean, everyone loves me. Racists. Ugly racists. People who didn’t even know they were racists… As I was saying, everyone loves me. I even have this fat piece of crap (Gov. Chris Christie) behind me now.’

Christie had become a masochist to Trump’s best sadist self. Regardless of what insult Trump threw at him, Christie came back with:

‘Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Please, sir, may I have another?’

Trump ate up Christie’s defeated self:

‘I mean, he really is a sad, desperate little potato back there. Aren’t you Chris?’

Then, there it was, the line everyone knew was coming. Wait for it…wait for it:

‘Also, P.S., America, I have a great, big, huge d***!’

SNL swung back to Kate McKinnnon’s drop-dead perfect Clinton, who was mentally dancing in front of a ridiculous, diversity-packed backdrop crowd:

‘Just like I brought these 10 black people and one Muslim…to all of those who say I hate Hillary, I say…welcome.’

Moving forward, Jake Tapper played by Beck Bennett, continued SNL’s version of CNN coverage with this warning about Ted Cruz, aka Taran Killam:

‘Caution: we’re about to show his whole face on the screen, so your discretion is advised.’

Killam was spot-on, down to Cruz’s erie, crazed laughter, that followed the viewer into his and her nightmares.

Then, Jason Sudeikis returned to play a plastic Mitt Romney after his failed speech, that tried to bring  real Republicans back into the fold. His bit of truth came so close to the edge of reality, it almost hurt:

‘We do not say racist and sexist things. We imply them…I gave the most aggressive, passionate, well measured anti-Trump speech I could…[but] honestly, probably assumed it helped him.’

Mitt missed no opportunity to remind us of his $1000 monogrammed cuffs. Then he wrapped with:

‘I’d make a great vice president, and live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!’

Check out the cold open in this video:

Featured Image: Screengrab

H/T: Real Clear Politics, Hollywoodreporter, and NBC