Donald Trump Sued For Stealing Cash Tips From Manhattan Hotel Catering Staff (VIDEO)


Donald Trump just loves to threaten people with lawsuits. If you say something negative (even if it’s true), he starts calling his attorney. Run a negative ad against him like Ted Cruz did, and again he starts to salivate as he says he’ll see you in court. Face it, the guy is as litigious as the day is long. But the Donald is about to get paid back for his constant forays into the courtroom.

The Trump SoHo hotel, which is located in Manhattan, is being sued by former catering staffer Deborah Garcia. The reason for the suit? Garcia alleges that Trump refused to pay the catering team their portion of the tips from the 22 percent service fee that was added to each catering tab.

According to the lawsuit, Trump SoHo “retained money for their own benefit,” which just so happens to be a direct violation of New York state law. Under that law, employers cannot retain any portion of an employee’s gratuity, or any charge that is “purported to be a gratuity.”

The details of the lawsuit claim that, beginning in February 2009, Trump SoHo applied the service charge to catering bills, but never bothered to pay those funds to the catering staff who performed the actual services for guests. Specifically, the suit alleges:

‘A reasonable customer would believe that the service was in fact a gratuity for [Garcia] and similarly situated employees.’

Also named in the suit with Trump are his daughter, Ivanka, and his son Donald Trump Jr.

As you might expect, Trump’s hotel swears that Garcia never actually worked for the Trump SoHo. No doubt Trump will now claim that Garcia is only suing because of her last name and because he has made some of the most racially insensitive remarks in recent memory about Hispanics. Will Trump also allege that Garcia is in the United States illegally?

This is just the latest example of Trump taking advantage of those less well-off and connected than him. He is also the defendant in a suit brought by students who attended Trump University. Many of them paid over $35,000 in tuition for advice from the Donald that could have been gleaned off the Internet.

Of course, Donald Trump is not really a great businessman, as this video clearly shows:

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