OUCH! This General Has Some Choice Words For Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s intelligence-gathering ideas are controversial, at best. He has expressed a a desire to kill the families of terrorists, and has also extolled in debates the benefits of waterboarding. However, on Friday, he released a statement setting the record straight and saying that he would not actually violate international laws. Regardless of his recent statement, retired Lt. General Mark Hertling still made his opinions on Donald Trump very clear in a discussion with Rep. Al Baldasaro and CNN’s Chris Cuomo, reports RawStory.

Hertling began his remarks by pointing out that there are no indications that torture is an effective method for gathering information. He told Cuomo and Baldasaro:

‘”And the military has never done enhanced interrogation techniques. But the second thing that scared me… Mr. Trump said he was going to order the military to do this and they will — quote — ‘They will do what I tell them to do, they’re not going to refuse me, if I say do it they’re going to do it.'”

It’s no surprise that Trump’s belief that the military will not refuse him, that he has absolute power, is frightening. Anyone who has any concern for the safety and well-being of this country likely feels the same way. Hertling had more to say, though, and this is where his opinion of Trump really becomes clear:

“‘It’s toxic leadership, and someone needs to remind Mr. Trump that that the military is not palace guards. They take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.'”

It is terrifying to grasp how almost unstoppable Trump seems. He can brag about wanting to kill people’s families, he can make the claim that he could shoot someone and not lose voters, and nothing seems to stop him, or even slow him down. This statement is probably the most outrageous thing Trump has ever said, and it took quite a while, and quite a bit of pressure, for him to be remorseful about the things he says. With more prominent people publicly denouncing Trump, though, hopefully people will start to see him for what he really is: an ignorant bully.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of Raw Story via YouTube.